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Vintage wall lamp

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Outdoor wall light
121.90 €
163.39 €
Vintage wall light
24.95 €
26.97 €
Wall light
69.95 €
78.24 €
Spotlight for wall
34.95 €
36.91 €
Chandelier two light
68.95 €
81.67 €
Ceiling or wall light with two light
96.95 €
114.47 €
Ceiling lamp two light
62.95 €
91.12 €
Ceiling lamp three light
91.95 €
123.87 €
Rustic wall light
73.20 €
91.50 €
Contemporary wall light
57.34 €
71.68 €
Vintage wall light
46.36 €
57.95 €
Rustic outdoor wall lamp
69.95 €
82.80 €
Vintage wall light
114.68 €
143.35 €
Outdoor wall light
37.95 €
40.66 €
Wall light
91.50 €
114.38 €
Outdoor wall light old style
96.95 €
114.07 €
Wall light / ceiling light
173.24 €
216.55 €
Wall light
87.84 €
109.80 €
Metal wall light with glass sleb
84.18 €
105.23 €
Wall light
130.54 €
163.18 €
Wall lamp
66.95 €
79.79 €
Wall light
69.95 €
82.67 €
Rustic wall light
90.95 €
108.10 €
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Vintage wall lamp for a warm and welcoming home

Selected for you vintage wall lamp with a variegated design to give you the best solution to illuminate every room in your home and give the warm atmosphere that this style evokes. Characterized by metal lampshades polished by shades of gray, copper, brown, the vintage wall lamps bring a touch of color and style to your home. Browse our catalog of vintage wall lamps to find the one that's right for you.


Vintage wall lamp: a refine idea to illuminate with syle

Vintage wall lamps with their clean shapes, bring a story behind them, that combines functionality and aesthetics, and a furnishing style that answers to only one rule of harmony. When is necessary to leave specific impressions inside a room, a determining role is reserved to the lighting, that gives more value to the rooms making them hospitable.


With the light it is possible to create, play, and are real touches of light of the vintage wall lamps that can bring a completely new and different aspect to a room/ area in the house. Versatile and easy to integrate in any type of furniture, vintage appliques are an innovative idea to personalize the corners of the house with a retrò touch. Lot of offers of retrò wall lamps are waiting for you on our shop.


Vintage wall lamps: classical beauty to propose again also in contexts with modern taste

Vintage wall lamps are a symbol of classic beauty from wich you can take ispiration to furnish with elegance also the modern contexts. They can be installed in different rooms, for example in bedrooms or in the living room to make more bright those areas.


If you like to experiment and mix the styles, vintage wall lamps are classic solutions that meet the modern practicity.


This typology of wall lamps is ideal both in big areas and also in small rooms. In large rooms, vintage wall lamps spreads the light homogeneusly and are perfect to optimize the lighting even in the most hidden corners.


In small rooms, where the spaces has to be calculated with intelligency, are the perfect space-saving solution to use with furnish with style and lightness. Let yourself be conquered by the refined beauty of vintage wall lamps and give a touch of light with nostalgic taste to your rooms.


Bring home a note of originality with vintage wall lamps

You home needs always a particular care, specially if you are looking for a refined and elegant environment. Vintage wall lamps are the right touch for an always chic and particular house. Vintage appliques can be made in different materials.


Lot of them are made with nobil materials like the glass or metal, finitures in copper, burnished brown or brass. These type of wall lamps are ideal for contexts that require practicality and a desing halfway between the vintage and the industrial style.


Light Shopping is the e-commerce of lamps specialized in the sale of lighting articles to furnish your home with the most fashionable furnishing trends of the moment, it offers you a very wide variety of models to buy comfortably online at unbeatable prices. Browse our catalog and order your lamp!

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