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Sikrea ceiling lamps

Large round ceiling light
169.58 €
Design ceiling light
185.44 €
Modern LED ceiling light
702.72 €
Ring shaped ceiling light
462.38 €
Large round design wall and ceiling lamp
132.98 €
Small round design wall and ceiling lamp
96.38 €
Circular shape design wall and ceiling lamp
68.32 €
Modern wall light or ceiling light
226.92 €
Medium square ceiling light
143.96 €
Design wall/ceiling lamp with LED light
181.78 €
LED wall/ceiling lamp
312.32 €
Small round ceiling light
104.92 €
Round ceiling light
346.48 €
Ceiling light round
268.40 €
Ceiling lamp in classic style
193.98 €
Ceiling light classic
129.32 €
Large squared ceiling light
186.66 €
Square ceiling light small
106.14 €
LED wall / ceiling lamp
107.36 €
Wall or ceiling lamp minimal style
193.98 €
Ceiling light round
78.08 €
Modern design wall and ceiling lamp
193.98 €
Modern wall light or ceiling light
108.58 €
Ceiling light with directable spotlight
71.98 €
Ceiling light minimal
34.16 €
Modern LED ceiling light
303.78 €
Flower-shaped ceiling lamp
198.86 €
Ring shaped ceiling light
401.38 €
Circle shape design wall and ceiling lamp
296.46 €
Ring shaped ceiling light
107.36 €
Circular ceiling lamp with direct light emission
92.72 €
Round ceiling light
348.92 €
Design lamp combinable
137.86 €
Circular wall/ceiling light
153.72 €
Ceiling light six lights
209.84 €
Ceiling light minimal
71.98 €
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Indoor ceiling lamps

Sikrea ceiling lamps represent a modern and functional lighting mode, suitable for any interior and easy to install. The light from the ceiling lamps fills the rooms, guaranteeing comfort and aesthetics. The proposals of the Sikrea brand are numerous in terms of choice, from rectangular shapes to models of ceiling lamps with round spotlights or ceiling lamps that allow you to find the most suitable lamp depending on the room.


Square ceiling lamps are the best choice for a large dining room or living room, perhaps in combination, for example, with recessed spotlights to create different light points. Even in the bedroom, elegant ceiling lamps positioned in the center of the ceiling can counterbalance the lampshades and prove to be the right choice.


Within the selection there are also ceiling lamps for the corridor, ceiling lamps for the entrance and ceiling lamps for the kitchen. In this case the ideal shapes are the circular ones embellished or not by the frame. The ceiling lamps provide the correct lighting and make these environments usable: choosing a ceiling lamp instead of chandeliers can prove to be a winning choice on several fronts and suitable for all environments and furnishing styles.

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