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i-Lèd led recessed spotlights

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Wide choice of recessed spotlights

The recessed LED spotlights represent a light solution designed to offer maximum brightness with minimum energy consumption. These lights brings out the best of every environment of the house, both indoor and outdoor. The i-LèD brand offers a wide choice of spotlights different in form and in design, to satisfy every style and need.


Depending on the type of installation, you can opt for various models of spotlights available in square, round or rectangular shape. The modern design that distinguishes them is perfectly combined to any type of material and makes them also very decorative elements. The main characteristic of recessed spotlights is the practicality and installationsimplicity, in addition to the economic convenience related to energy consumption. Browse the extensive catalog of i-LèD recessed spotlights to find out the best ones for your needs.




i-LèD recessed spotlights for indoor lighting

Recessed spotlights are an effective solution for illuminating the rooms of the house. They are very useful when you need to light up large spaces or if you need to highlight a particular area. The correct arrangement of these light points is essential to create good lighting and to produce particular lighting effects. If you want to highlight a particular area of ​​the room and to enhance an specific furniture, the recessed spotlights should be positioned so that the light directly affects what you want to illuminate. The light points must be evenly distributed to brighten up the whole room, calculating the points where you may need more light, like over a worktop or the working area in the kitchen. The choice of spotlights will depend on the desired effect and design needs.

Recessed spotlights for false ceilings are certainly the most widespread and used solution because they are discreet and extremely functional. This type of spotlights is able to make any room sober and elegant: living room, bedroom, bathroom, corridors. Among the options available there are also adjustable spotlights that allow you to direct the light wherever you need. The recessed spotlights represent the best allies for those who pay attention to the design of their home.

i-LèD recessed spotlights for outdoor lighting

The recessed spotlights are small light points. They are extremely versatile and can be used both for indoor and outdoor lighting. Outdoor recessed spotlights are used in the garden to get a good lighting but especially for decorative purposes. In order to fully enjoy this space, it is necessary to carefully plan the lighting. The recessed spotlights for outdoor use are subdivided into two main types and include wall spotlights or path lights and recessed spotlights on the floor.


The outdoor led wall spotlights are particularly suitable for illuminating the passage areas and external stairs. If you need light points to be placed on the ground, you can use outdoor walkable spotlights on the sides of the entrance door, to obtain not only a well-lit entrance but also a great aesthetic effect. Walkable spotlights are a good solution for illuminating paths and walkways. You can also place spotlights for outdoor use inside the flower beds to enhance these areas of the garden. You can also illuminate the perimeter hedges that accompany the surrounding walls.


Even a terrace can be improved thanks to the recessed spotlights on the ground, placing them along the perimeter of the floor. All these are solutions that allow you to solve the problem of lighting outdoor spaces with style and originality. The i-LèD recessed spotlights for exteriors have the advantage of high colour rendering, ensuring low energy consumption. All i-LèD recessed spotlights for outdoors are made to withstand any weather conditions without being damaged.

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