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Crystal chandelier to illuminate with elegance

Elegant ceiling light with crystal
531.92 €
Elegant ceiling light with crystal
729.56 €
Classic chandelier decorated glass
303.78 €
Design lamp combinable
280.60 €
Chandelier one light
337.94 €
286.90 €
Chandelier with arms
622.20 €
559.98 €
Design lamp combinable
457.50 €
Chandelier six light
1,876.36 €
1,594.91 €
Chandelier modern six light
442.86 €
Elegant chandelier big
874.74 €
Chandelier extendible with two light
644.16 €
546.90 €
Chandelier three light
924.76 €
785.90 €
Chandelier 9 light
2,757.20 €
2,342.90 €
Refined chandelier
697.84 €
Chandelier with two rings
301.34 €
Elegant chandelier crystal
2,058.75 €
1,647.00 €
Chandelier with crystal
427.00 €
384.30 €
Modern colourful chandelier
2,684.00 €
2,415.60 €
Chandelier with 6 lights
564.25 €
451.40 €
Crystal ceiling light
256.20 €
216.90 €
Chandelier with crystal
1,104.10 €
883.28 €
Design suspension 10 lights
2,546.14 €
2,163.90 €
Design suspension 30 lights
7,787.26 €
6,618.90 €
Suspension with 10 diffusers
2,613.24 €
2,220.90 €
Suspension with 20 diffusers
4,953.20 €
4,209.90 €
Suspension 30 lights
7,738.46 €
6,576.90 €
Chandelier five light
1,322.48 €
1,123.90 €
Suspension with 5 diffusers
1,360.30 €
1,155.90 €
Crystal pendant lamp
398.94 €
338.90 €
Design suspension 20 lights
4,983.70 €
4,235.90 €
Chandelier with glass diffusor
359.90 €
305.90 €
Modern chandelier
4,522.54 €
3,843.90 €
Modern chandelier
6,402.56 €
5,441.90 €
Vintage chandelier
544.12 €
461.90 €
Modern chandelier
450.18 €
381.90 €
Minimal chandelier
729.56 €
619.89 €
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Large selection of crystal chandeliers

A crystal chandelier is ideal for elegantly illuminating your living room. The rhinestones, the crystal drops and the pendants of a crystal chandelier will brighten up your home. Choose from a wide selection of suspension lamps the one that best suits your needs.




Timeless classics: crystal chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers have always been furnishing accessories that make the eyes of the observer shine. The undisputed sovereign of classic furnishing, today chandeliers are an element reinterpreted in a modern key, present also in settings characterised by a contemporary style, to give warmth and elegance to spaces that are sometimes too cold and essential.

When it comes to crystal chandeliers, the sumptuous decor of rich palaces comes to mind. In your home, you can recreate this regal atmosphere choosing one or more rooms to place the sparkle of a crystal chandelier. A crystal chandelier fits usually a living room or dining room, but, if you love to dare, you can also place it inside a kitchen, to make it more stylish and beautiful.

If you use your imagination and think outside the box, any room is suitable for hosting a suspension lamp of this kind. A crystal chandelier allows you to furnish the rooms with elegance, the important thing is to find the perfect balance between shapes and shades. In our online catalogue, you will find an extensive selection of crystal chandeliers able to satisfy every taste preference. If you need more information about our crystal chandeliers, you can contact our customer service.


Crystal chandeliers: illumination details for a chic home

Although typical of the most classic furnishing contexts, the crystal chandelier can also be contextualised in modern settings. To create a strong visual impact in your house, you can install a chandelier over the dining table. Covered in crystal, irregular or traditional shapes with arms and details of beads or crystal drops, this kind of lamp is an accessory of absolute elegance, to make your house chic and elegant.

The crystal chandeliers will certainly embellish a sober living room with clean lines, thanks to reflections and plays of light. You can decorate different types of environments with crystal chandeliers. In our catalogue you will find many proposals of the Ideal Lux brand able to satisfy every taste: classic chandeliers in baroque style for interiors with a traditional style and crystal chandeliers revisited in a modern key, simplified in shape, but equally precious and unique in style that you can admire.

Crystal chandeliers with drops: elegance in furnishing

Choosing important lamps, such as crystal chandeliers with pendants, is the right way to create a focal point capable of capturing the attention of guests. Among the many varieties of crystal-drops chandeliers proposed, you can easily find the model you like best. You could opt for chandeliers made of clear glass, full of pearls from the Baroque style, or prefer something coloured: gold, red, black and white to complement your decor with rich personality accessories.

The light source can be shaped like a candle with a flame, that reminds the shapes of the past, but can be also spherical or elliptical, to bring a touch of innovation. There are so many options at your disposal, the important thing is to know how to combine the chosen chandelier with your furniture in the right way. A crystal chandelier is an element that will never go out of fashion, capable of giving immediate style to the room.

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