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Sikrea chandeliers

Elegant chandelier with crystal
2,635.20 €
Big chandelier with textile lampshaped
1,095.56 €
Chandelier with geometric shapes
972.34 €
Chandelier with six elements
889.38 €
Chandelier with spherical glass diffusers
803.98 €
Small chandelier with textile lampshade
767.38 €
Elegant ceiling light with crystal
729.56 €
Chandelier 5 diffusor
723.46 €
Chandelier with four elements
607.56 €
Chandelier modern
596.58 €
Elegant chandelier
592.92 €
Chandelier six light
559.98 €
Elegant chandelier six arms
547.78 €
Chandelier classic
547.78 €
Handcrafted chandelier with metal curls
547.78 €
Chandelier with geometric shapes
535.58 €
Elegant ceiling light with crystal
531.92 €
Modern chandelier with three light
516.06 €
Ring shaped chandelier
514.84 €
Chandelier six light with decorated lampshade
511.18 €
Modern chandelier 5 lights
511.18 €
Chandelier one ring dimmabel
506.30 €
Chandelier with 8 light and glass elliptical
498.98 €
Suspension with circular diffusers
486.78 €
Chandelier 5 diffusor
485.56 €
Linear chandelier 3 light
478.24 €
Suspension lamp in worked metal
462.38 €
Chandelier modern six light
462.38 €
Circular suspension LED
437.98 €
Chandelier 3 light
437.98 €
Modern LED chandelier
437.98 €
Chandelier six light
435.54 €
Chandelier with six light and bicolor lampshade
425.78 €
Ring shaped chandelier
425.78 €
Design chandelier
413.58 €
Chandelier modern six light
409.92 €
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Modern Sikrea chandeliers to illuminate home and professional spaces

Modern Sikrea chandeliers are suitable for central lighting in any room, a kitchen, a bedroom but also professional spaces, such as an office or a meeting room. Modern chandeliers are important elements both from the functional point of view and from the aesthetic point of view, which cannot be missing in a house or apartment.

Sikrea modern chandeliers are available in various shapes and colors. The main material is the metal proposed in the color finishes of black, white, gold and copper. Geometric shapes prevail with spherical or drop-shaped, bell-shaped, circle or cylinder-shaped, even tubular diffusers.


The selection includes suspension lamps such as Aurora, Sospesi, Infinity, Perla which have the characteristic of being able to be used individually or in multiple compositions with the possibility of adding a greater number of light points according to one's aesthetic and lighting needs. These suspension lamps are particularly suitable as living room chandeliers. Others, such as the Nemo and Focus living room chandeliers, offer the possibility of directing the light to the desired point.


Glass and crystal chandeliers

With regard to style, the concept of modernity also revisits the use of glass and crystal. In fact, the glass chandeliers and crystal chandeliers proposed by Sikrea take on more modern forms, contextualizing themselves well in private but also commercial environments. Elegant and modern, these lamps are suitable for furnishing a living room, for example, they bring that extra touch of refinement that doesn't spoil. The LED light source guarantees effective lighting and lower energy consumption.

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