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Facade lighting: outdoor lamps

Wall light
46.42 €
43.94 €
5 year
Outdoor wall light with sigle light emission
411.75 €
307.90 €
5 year
Round outdoor wall lamp
343.13 €
256.90 €
5 year
Wall light double emission
466.65 €
349.90 €
Outdoor wall light double emission
138.35 €
102.89 €
Recessed spotligh for outdoor
135.79 €
100.89 €
Outdoor recessed ceiling spotlight
144.47 €
107.90 €
Small ceiling light with motion sensor
189.10 €
150.90 €
Large ceiling light with motion sensor
217.16 €
172.90 €
Outdoor wall light
317.20 €
252.91 €
Wall light with double light emission
75.40 €
63.95 €
Outdoor wall lamp
359.90 €
287.90 €
Outdoor wall light
414.80 €
330.90 €
Outdoor wall light
62.22 €
51.02 €
Outdoor wall light
46.36 €
38.02 €
Outdoor light
103.70 €
85.03 €
Wall light
65.88 €
54.02 €
Outdoor wall light
86.86 €
72.96 €
Outdoor wall light
189.89 €
141.90 €
Small wall light
24.77 €
22.95 €
Aluminium wall light for balcony and arcade
56.85 €
53.95 €
Wall lamp
280.60 €
223.89 €
Outdoor wall light with double emission
86.99 €
73.94 €
Outdoor wall light
43.68 €
40.96 €
Large ceiling light with motion sensor
104.92 €
83.95 €
Large ceiling light with motion sensor
90.28 €
71.96 €
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Wide assortment of facade lamps

When you think about the design of a house you need to consider the outdoor spaces and give them the right importance. The facade is one of these and represents your business card because it defines the architectural style of the whole house. It can be decorated with doors, windows and finishes to make it look really good.
But there are other elements that, if carefully designed, complete it and define its architecture even more: the lighting. Light Shopping offers you a wide selection of outdoor lamps from the best brands for facade lighting. Excellent quality and modern design characterize our lamps: light points, wall lights, spotlights are just some of the solutions we offer to guarantee you outdoor lighting in style and good taste. 

Exalt the material details of the facades of the buildings

The facades, highlighted with suitable outdoor lamps, define the nocturnal environment that surrounds us. Modern lighting solutions for facades make a home or building more beautiful and more visible. To emphasise the dimensions, the colour, the corners, the windows, the frames and the window sills, the idea of ​​a lighting plan for the facades can be a great success. It provides orientation, transmits safety and captures interest.
Facade lighting can be placed on the ground, on a pole or on the building itself.
The wall lamps are applied directly on the facade and produce an oblique light that accentuates the surfaces. The recessed floor spotlights are a discrete lighting solution from the architectural point of view and create luminous patterns directed upwards. Outdoor poles can be used as additional elements in front of the facade. The light of these outdoor lamps, arranged in a certain way together with its chromatic effect, creates shadows that enrich the texture of the wall and determine the aesthetics of the facade.

A different distribution of diffused or direct light and the use of lamps for outdoor lighting give the facades a particular appearance during the night. With different light intensities, certain elements or areas of a facade can be highlighted.
The uniform lighting, for example, enhances the facade in its entirety, while the direct light obtained with the recessed spotlights highlights the finer details of a facade.

LED technology for facade lighting

Outdoor wall lamps are perfect for lighting facades thanks to their simple tubular, square and round shapes, which are suitable for giving a contemporary style. They have a high degree of resistance to weathering, corrosion and are also very visually attractive.
The wall lamps are also cheap and durable, and help to contribute to a sustainable architecture thanks to the modern LED technology that many are equipped with.
Spotlights or wall lamps can be installed on the external walls in sequence in order to rhythmically punctuate the facade.
The different light intensities and the chromatic effects favour the differentiation of the facade and outline the silhouette. These wall lamps create spectacular designs thanks to luminous cones that emphasise the surface structures of the materials.
The bi-emission applique with narrow-beam light cones underlines the vertical articulation of the facade with lighting from above and below.

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