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Foscarini floor lamps

Outdoor floor lamp
2,624.22 €
Portable lamp
398.94 €
Floor lamp
1,377.38 €
Floor light for outdoor
1,989.82 €
Floor light with junction
505.08 €
Floor light minimal
1,769.00 €
Floor light modern
2,148.42 €
Design floor lamp
3,325.72 €
Table lamp with dimmer
461.16 €
Table lamp with dimmer
367.22 €
Floor lamp
1,870.26 €
Floor lamp
1,415.20 €
Floor light modern
1,146.80 €
Floor light modern
1,604.30 €
Floor light modern
1,011.38 €
862.54 €
Modern bedside lamp
603.90 €
Floor lamp
408.70 €
Outdoor lamp
976.00 €
Floor lamp
311.10 €
Floor lamp
239.12 €
Floor lamp
1,318.82 €
Design floor lamp
424.56 €
Floor light
1,394.46 €
Modern style floor lamp with dimmer
373.32 €
Floor light
2,163.06 €

The best of Italian design: Foscarini

Floor lamps: the elegance signed by Foscarini

Foscarini floor lamps are famous because they are furnishing accessories with an unmistakable style and unique desing, appreciated worldwide not just for their lighting function but especially because they can furnish and give more value to a room. Between the most loved floor lamps, Twiggy can be considered without any doubt the icon of italian elegance. Twiggy has been designed by Marc Sadler, observing the fishermans at work. Its characteristic structure is based on a thin and flexible stem, like a fishing pole, and is made of a varnished glass fiber. Twiggy have a wide lampshade in form of cylinder and offers a direct lighting on the floor below, and an efficient light reflection directed upwards thank to the transparent disc positioned on the top. This floor lamp can be inserted in various contexts thanks to its essential and elegant aesthetic, becoming the focal point of a room. Twiggy is offered also in the reading version with the same cylindric lampshade and a simple stem that does not take up a lot of places and is developing vertically.


Foscarini floor lamps: the model with great success

Foscarini offers a forefront lighting that conquer the audience both for its excellent finitures and also for the technological innovation. Among the lamp models that have obtained lot of success in the public, Havana is the most successful enough to deserve inclusion in the permanent collection of the MoMA in New York. This floor lamp designed by designer Jozeph Forakis presents an unusual design in form of a cigar. Its characteristic element is its tapered lampshade, composed of 4 sections made of polyethylene printed with rotationally injection and assembled with small hoocks, that leave space to thin slots that are filled with light when the lamp is turned on. Mite is another great success of Foscarini, so innovative that it was awarded in 2001 with the Compasso d'Oro. The light diffuser is made from a special mix of fiberglass and carbon, made with the same technology used for the production of fishing rods, branches and golf clubs. Mite furnishes and enhances every space thanks to its sleek and elegant design.

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