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Price list Foscarini lamps

1,137.04 €
Design chandelier
533.14 €
Wall light
364.78 €
Chandelier in ethnic style
542.90 €
Modern chandelier
711.26 €
Design wall light
585.60 €
Modern table lamp
427.00 €
Design chandelier
597.80 €
Bloe glass chandelier
819.84 €
Large suspension lamp
1,500.60 €
Large suspension lamp
3,423.32 €
Big chandelier
3,129.30 €
Design chandelier
1,672.62 €
Design chandelier
660.02 €
Outdoor table lamp
1,778.76 €
Design chandelier
623.42 €
Outdoor floor lamp
2,624.22 €
Design wall light
289.14 €
Chandelier with led
1,212.68 €
995.52 €
Portable lamp
398.94 €
Table lamp
456.28 €
Floor lamp
1,377.38 €
Chandelier with led
1,756.80 €
Design wall light
711.26 €
Contemporary wall light
473.36 €
Modern chandelier
1,424.96 €
Wall lamp
773.48 €
Wall light
690.52 €
Floor light for outdoor
1,989.82 €
Modern chandelier
379.42 €
Outdoor chandelier
1,678.72 €
Table lamp with dimmer
305.00 €
823.50 €
Design chandelier
785.68 €
Sphere shaped chandelier
749.08 €
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Foscarini lamps: a combination of art and innovation

Foscarini lamps: a combination of art and innovation

Foscarini was born in 1981 in Murano, city that represents the excellence of glass working in Italy and worldwide. The artisan techniques were always been combined with the original thoughts and the creativity of the most famous designer, that in more than thirty years give life to the beautiful Foscarini lamps.


An attractive design and always innovative is the key for the success of this lighing brand, that develop its creations without constraints of o expression , expressing all the liberty that characterizes every single project.


Foscarini revolves around a concept of Italian, choosing expert hands that bring forward the traditional working of glass and preferring only quality raw materials, all designed in a design perspective Made in Italy.


Every single Foscarini lamp is a work of art that through its forms expresses emotional concepts that can transform the home environments. Every light output is planned and designed to express at its best both when is turned on and also when turned off, seducing at night and surprising during the day.


Design lamps famous worldwide

Light Shopping offers a selection of Foscarini chandeliers, wall lamps, ceiling lamps, floor and table lamps, products with a refined design and in some cases, winner of prestigious awards. For example the famous arc Twiggy floor lamp, designed by Marc Sadler in 2006 and awarded with Compasso d'Oro in 2008, or the Lumiere table lamp designed by Rodolfo Dordoni in 1990.


Starting from 1993 Foscarini experiences new materiales, presenting to the world of design the lamp Havana, designed by Jozeph Forakis and made of polyethylene. Foscarini is art and design, a continuous experimentation of shapes and materials, always in step with technological innovations.

Take a look at our catalog of Foscarini lamps, you will find lot of articles at discounted prices.

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