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To illuminate a room you just have to choose the lamps. To do this in the best way, you need to design the lighting. Whether it is a home, commercial or work environment, the light plays a fundamental role, contributes to making functional environments favoring certain sensations, such as concentration, attention, relaxation, visual comfort. That's why we decided to offer a lighting design service, where you can select the environment you want to furnish, renovate or restore and request a project that can best enhance the architecture of your spaces.
We design the light together with you
Our Light Designers will develop with you a tailor-made light concept so that you can be fully satisfied with the result. A lighting project simplifies things for you: it is enough to provide the information on the environment you want to illuminate and the chosen lamp models to have a personalized project. Our technical service will carry out the evaluation of the intensity and the diffusion of the optimal light through a sophisticated software and you will be able to see a virtual image with the real lighting effect.

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Residential The lighting of any building is one of the essential points ...
149.00 / 219.00 €

Each living space requires correct lighting that allows you

39.00 / 149.00 €

The outdoor spaces have now become an integral part of the h

69.00 / 129.00 €
Commercial areas
Commercial areas

Commercial areas are very popular places and with completely

149.00 / 189.00 €
Work places
Work places

In the workplace, lighting occupies a central position both

149.00 €
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Our lighting design service is designed for those who want to improve the investment in items suitable for the residential or commercial environment they want illuminate. In fact, this service offers you the possibility to view a realistic project before purchasing lighting accessories. Wrong lighting means not sufficiently enhancing the environment and furnishings chosen with such attention. Provide to know in advance the optimal distribution of the light points, the number of lamps needed, the color of the light, the lumens, the aesthetic aspect.



Select the project for the environment you want illuminate, adding it to the cart as a normal product. After receiving an email which reply to respond to the following information:

-A plan of the room in paper format or saved in the file .dwg or .dxf to recreate the 3D environment
-The measurements of the room and the furnishings that are part of it to determine the overall dimensions. (for example: separation walls, furniture, etc.)
-The material and colors of the surfaces of the rooms/areas that has to be illuminated
-Some other photos to be able to faithfully reconstruct the 3D environment
-The area you want to illuminate (kitchen island, bookcase, bar counter, meeting room, etc.)
-Any special needs on the quantity and shape of the light (for example: a lot of light, soft light, warm light, cold light)
-The types of lamps that would like to be placed in the environment
-Indicate your personal tastes: the styles you like and the ones you don't want, materials, colors and finishes that fit your preferences
-Any favorite brands and if you have defined it, the spending budget you intend to dedicate to the supply


Receive this information we will develop your 3D project in 2-4 weeks accompanied by lighting calculation. The project is also complete with:

-Three lighting proposals, one with the lamps you have chosen and two others as alternatives suggested by our design office
-A report that illustrates the differences between the three project proposals
-A quote for regulated lighting solutions

During the development of the project you may be contacted by our design office for further clarification.

The 3D project complete with lighting calculation, project proposals and quote will be sent to you by email.

In case of purchase of the lamps related to the environment managed by our site, the cost of the project will be credited back to you. Instead, you will only be charged for the design service.

Any changes in the project are associated with an additional cost to be quantified based on the complexity of the environment.


A professional lighting design service can make a difference in terms of the final result. It offers you the opportunity to:

Make the most of the architecture of your spaces
Obtaining the desired light atmospheres will be easier through an adequate lighting calculation as well as the selection of suitable lamps from the point of view of the adequacy of the lighting technology and the pleasantness of the design.

Save time
Understand in advance the optimal distribution of the light points, the number of lamps needed, the color temperature of the light, the lumens.

Avoid expensive mistakes
With a lighting project, you will be able to know in advance the distribution of light at various times of the day for each room in the project. You will know before any plant works, the layout and therefore the number and intensity of the necessary light sources.

Better lighting
Best visual comfort and maximum light optimization.

Immediate savings
It is the best system to help reduce energy consumption with the conscious and rational use of an adequate number of lamps.

Small financial commitment
The projects have a very competitive cost. They range from 49.00 Euros for a bathroom to 149.00 Euros for the project of a villa with garden. In addition, the cost of the project will be discounted if you purchase the lamps from our site.


If it is still not clear how it works, request more information or contact us at our number: +44 20 3529 4200.
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