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Wide selection of lamps for the porch and the terrace

Terraces or porches are essential spaces for your home. They should not only be furnished and made more welcoming but also illuminated in the right way. In our online shop, you will find a wide selection of lamps for outdoor: wall lamps, floor lamps, table lamps and pendant lights for the lighting of your terrace or porch. All lamps are made with high-quality materials, with a degree of protection suitable for the external context. They are also available in various finishes, shapes, sizes and styles to match any type of environment. Hundreds of outdoor lamps are on stock and at discounted prices. You just have to browse through our catalogue and find the solution that's right for you. If you need advice or more information please contact our customer service.


How to light a terrace: functional and decorative outdoor lamps

The terrace of your home is the ideal place to entertain guests and to organise dinners or aperitifs. To fully experience this space it is necessary to be furnished with care and above all well-lit. The lighting of a terrace should be designed according to your needs, remembering that it should never be illuminated with too strong and invasive lights, opting for light solutions of low intensity.
The best solution to illuminate the terrace is represented by wall lamps that direct a smooth light reflected on the walls. You could place outdoor wall lamps in the most significant points of the setting, such as exit ways or in areas near tables and sofas. In particular, the up and down light wall lamps are very decorative, spreading a beam of light upwards and downwards. The double emission of light creates suggestive effects of light and shadow.
It is also possible to integrate the lighting of the wall lamps with floor or table lamps that can be easily positioned where a greater amount of light is needed.
Afterwards, you can opt for an illumination placed at the bottom or on the floor like the one provided by the wall spotlights and the walkable spotlights to help avoid any obstacles, ledges or steps. Lights of this type, that usually occupy little space, can be placed near the walls of the house and are a practical decorative solution for your terrace.
Choosing the lighting for the terrace, the options are numerous and our site offers you a wide choice of outdoor lamps. You can select those that best suit your lighting and furnishing needs, in order to light properly the whole space.
Using a little imagination does not hurt, so opt for original outdoor lamps to create a suggestive atmosphere for your terrace. The most popular luminous objects in recent years are the bright vases, perfect to place between the plants on your terrace.
Before proceeding with the purchase of terrace lamps, always remember to check the degree of IP protection so that the water can not penetrate into them. An IP 44 protection is sufficient to prevent external bodies or splashes of water from damaging them.

Outdoor lighting: lamps for the porch

The porch is an architectural element that decorates the exterior of your home and identifies its entrance. What makes a porch different from a terrace is that the porch is always covered. The porch has the function of providing shade during sunny days allowing you to fully enjoy your outdoor space. To benefit from this environment even in the evening, you need to think about setting up a good lighting.
To illuminate the porch you can opt for various lighting solutions: wall lamps, ceiling lamps, floor lamps and table to coordinate with the chosen style of furniture.
If you have chosen to furnish your porch according to the shabby style, you could use pendant lamps, lantern-shaped sconces or even table lamps to be placed on the available supports and floor lamps to illuminate the corners and to make the atmosphere more welcoming.
If you love the modern or contemporary style and the decor of your porch reflects it, you could opt for wall lamps and pendant lamps with geometric and essential shapes or even for floor spotlights for a more chic setting. After choosing the furnishings, the tables, the seats, the cushions and the adequate lighting, you will be ready to enjoy this corner of relaxation.

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