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Not just lamps, but also multifunctional objects

"Enlightenments" (in the sense of enlightenment and of illumination) is the claim of Rotaliana and summarizes the company's philosophy: the desire to create lighting objects that become part of everyday life with new features. Since 1989, Rotaliana combines the know-how rooted in local tradition with a strong international focus, thanks to the collaboration with leading design firms. From the meeting of different professional cultures that share values ​​of ethics and quality, lamps of different styles and applications are created, ranging from decorative lights for contract to handcrafted lamps for homes.
Tradition meets Innovation
From the reinterpretation of timeless classics to the creation of innovative materials with unique items, the Rotaliana lamps are created from the meeting of emotion and reason, from a weaving of aesthetics and practicality, simplicity and technology. The projects developed by Rotaliana capture contemporary trends and adopt the concept of aesthetic beauty, to which the public devotes increasing attention, combined with the latest technology to create practical and functional products, which become part of everyday life. One example: the MultiPot luminous vase.
the brands Rotaliana
The Rotaliana brand is distinguished by the values of ethics, professionalism and quality that brings together designers from different parts of the world. The Italian know-how marries the innovative vocation of an international context.
One name on all: MultiPot +. A luminous vase designed 10 years ago has become internationally renowned. Today MultiPot + adds the experience of color, giving rise to plays of light that create atmospheres and arouse emotions.
Functional aesthetics
The projects developed by Rotaliana capture the contemporary trends and make the concept of aesthetic beauty, to which the public dedicates more and more attention, combining it with the most modern technologies to create practical and functional products that become part of everyday life. An example above all: the MultiPot luminous vase.
 Rotaliana 1
 Rotaliana 2
 Rotaliana 3
Lamps of author
Rotaliana collaborates with leading designers, Italian and foreign, resulting in a range of eclectic creations with a strong international vocation. First, we remember Giovanni Lauda and Dante Donegani, ​​who is also entrusted with the artistic direction of the company. Among the Italian designers, we mention Andrea Branzi, Federica Cevasco and Paolo dell'Elce, while among the international designers we include the Japanese architect Toyo Ito, the Swedish Camilla Dietrich, the Korean Jae Kyu Lee, the French Emmanuel Gallina.
Donegani & Lauda
Paolo Dell’Elce
Quargnale & Serfio
Awards Rotaliana
Overlap awarded at “Young & Design Award 2017”
Overlap signed by the designer Paolo Dell'Elce wins the third prize “Young & Design Award 2017”
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