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Classic wall lamps

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If you are among those who associate the classic taste with the refinement of the materials and the splendor to show off, you will appreciate our selection of classic wall lamps. The crystal wall lamps and appliques in precious fabric will make your rooms sumptuous and elegant. On our online shop you will find the most suitable to illuminate every room in your home.

Classic applique: details of elegance

The applique has always been considered a practical lighting solution but they are usually considered a secondary light source, unable to increase the aesthetic of a space. Every innovation in the lighting sector and the creation of new materials have allowed the designers to experiment with new ideas. For those who desire a unique light point, capable of becoming the single protagonist of a room, there are various options. You can choose a precious material like the blown glass, interesting and unusual shapes, or even large sizes, that ensure a strong visual impact in the room. One aspect that should be considered when choosing appliques is the context and the relation with the other furniture in the room. The lamps for home lighting should be selected for their style and shapes, that have to be aligned with the rest of the furniture. If the style of your home is classic, you can choose among the many classic applique models proposed in our online catalogue that are often handcrafted with fine materials such as glass and metal. In the classical applique made of metal and handcrafted, it is possible to immediately find the hand of the craftsman in the carefully detailed decoration of the arms, like the golden leaves. The classic glass appliques, also made by craftsmen, have bright and elegant structures enriched with cut crystal pendants, that emits a warm and soft light with reflections that enhance the furnishing of the room.

The classic appliques to furnish your home

Classic appliques are a practical and functional way to light your house with style. They allow you to illuminate the smaller rooms and the narrow passage areas like corridors, where the use of a pendant lamp is not always possible. The appliques have a great potential to enhance the home furniture. Thanks to the many available models, the classic appliques can be used to highlight specific areas or as background light. With the classic applique, you can give to your house a warm and wrapping light and also create romantic atmospheres. Classic applique can add that unique touch to your home. These classic wall lamps can offer a wide variety of shapes and decorations and can be used to create light points and intimate atmospheres. On Light Shopping you will find the classic applique with two or three arms, in the shape of a small moon, squared or rounded. The combination of materials such as blown glass, crystal, fabric and metal creates unique products that preserve a classic line.

Classic appliques: unique pieces for your rooms

To enlight and redefine the classic furniture, a classic applique represents the ideal solution. These wall lamps can combine versatility and aesthetics, and are easy to install and perfect for every kind of room, both small or large. The lighting has a fundamental role inside a home, not only to guarantee a good visibility but also to create a pleasant atmosphere. It is possible to bring a touch of style to your indoors by placing in the right positions the appliques that are able to enhance the furnishings in the room. A classic applique fits perfectly a house furnished in a traditional way, and create light points characterised by great elegance. The rooms distinguished by contemporary style can be enhanced with the beauties of the classic applique, thanks to the nice contrast that they create. Like specific clothing, the appliques do not undergo the time that passes: their design never goes out of trend even when it's revisited to be adapted to modern needs, always maintaining a refined look. Although the design and materials follow more traditional lines, the classic applique does not forget that their function is to enlight today's homes. The craft of appliques, even when handcrafted, looks for the creation of robust articles, able to resist and last over time.

Classic applique in blown glass or metal for a refined style

In the panorama of the applique, the classic ones have an unmistakable style. What distinguishes them are the precious finishes and the well-cared details that remain protagonists also in versions reinterpreted in a modern way. These wall lamps present themselves with a wall mounting base and a lampshade that can be more or less traditional. Metal, blown glass, crystal and fabric are the materials more often used to create these lamps. Usually, the most traditional models have two candle shaped arms, enhanced with crystal pendants. Others come with simpler shapes, made of folded glass and decorated with patterns or silk windows. Neutral colours like ivory, grey, white or, for a more luxurious atmosphere, gold are the best choice for brightening the living room, dining room, hallway and bedroom. Certainly, the most elegant feature is represented by appliques made of hand-worked metal, with floral inserts and sinuous curves that give the environment a refined style. The gold finishes are able to give a great personality to environments such as bedrooms and living rooms. Together with the metal, another great protagonist of the most classic lighting complements is glass. Used to make various types of diffusers, from romantic small cups of applique to arms to round or square shapes of the most modern ones, this material grants grace, while extending the intensity of light in a natural and pleasant way. The glass of classic applique can be enhanced with various types of work: it can be transparent, silk screened, grit or embroidered with motifs.

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