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Outdoor wall lamps, wall lights and recessed spotlights

In the outdoor wall lamps catalog you can find a wide selection of items from the best brands of lighting. Giving the right light to gardens and terraces is very important, both to highlight some focal points of the environment, and to make the spaces safer. Choose the wall lights and recessed spotlights that best suit your needs in our shop of outdoor wall lamps. Many models are in stock!


Outdoor wall lamps for an optimal lighting of the garden

Outdoor wall lamps are a type of lighting very used to be installed in the perimeter area of the house. These lamps have numerous advantages: they are versatile, practical, elegant and are able to make the outdoor spaces more charming and safe. A correct study of outdoor lights represents the perfect occasion to realize light effect able to enhance the architecture of the house and give more value to the garden. The numerous models and types of wall lamps for outdoors available on our online catalog will make this task even easier. In fact, these lamps thank also to the new modern technology with LED become to all effects furnishing accessories equipped with an attractive design that makes them beautiful when turned on but also when turned off. Explore our vast assortment of outdoor lamps we offer you the best of high quality lighting.


How to choose the right wall lamps for outdoors

Outdoor wall lamps are banal and simple as you may think. Nowadays here are so many types and models, offering a wide and varied choice. Obviously, the selection of the right lamp depends on many factors: on our personal needs and taste, on the design and style of the lamp itself that has to be integrated in the context of your home and your garden. In this selection of wall lamps for outdoors are included also the applique and the recessed spotlights like path markers. These lights are installed and recessed into the walls to perform two functions: they have to illuminate and also decorate the surroundings. The lamps that are characterized by a vintage style, lantern shaped, are suitable to traditional contexts, while the ones with geometric shapes are more suitable to illuminate modern houses and also to well illuminate the large areas, because they spreads a pleasant diffused light. The most decorative outdoor wall lamps are the ones with double light emission, that enlights upwards and also downwards, creating in this way interessant light effects. Outdoor wall spotlights are usually used near entrances or gates to make the doorbell, the house number, the door lock visible. Outdoor wall lamps are designed to be safe and resistant to atmospheric agents. To make sure that a wall lamp is actually suitable for outdoor spaces, just check the so-called degree of protection. This is an index that is usually indicated with the initials IP and consists of two numbers. The first number varies from 0 to 6 and refers to protection from solid bodies, such as dust or sand. While the second number varies from 0 to 8 and refers to protection against the penetration of liquids. The choice of IP also varies according to the positioning of the lamp. Usually for outdoor lamps exposed to rain you have to choose a minimum IP of 44, if instead the lamp is protected under a porch you can opt for lamps with less protection. The outdoor wall sconces with LED light are characterized by great efficiency and often are equipped with motion sensors. They can last up to 20 years consuming less than the standard ones and are also environmentally friendly as they do not contain hazardous gases once they have been used up.

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