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Classic pendant lamps

Classic chandelier
1,400.56 €
Chandelier classic
278.41 €
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Crystal chandelier
1,000.40 €
Venetian chandelier
793.00 €
650.26 €
Elegant chandelier eight arms
732.00 €
600.24 €
elegant pendant lamp
108.44 €
Chandelier with arms
1,000.40 €
Metal plated gold chandelier with crystal
884.50 €
725.29 €
Small chandelier with textile lampshade
767.38 €
Chandelier with glass diffusor
119.56 €
Iron suspension lamp
666.12 €
565.90 €
Crystal pendant lamp
793.00 €
650.26 €
Classic blown glass chandelier
683.20 €
560.22 €
Chandelier fifteen light
1,000.40 €
Chandelier small
85.40 €
70.03 €
Chandelier classic
200.08 €
159.91 €
Crystal chandelier
774.70 €
635.25 €
Suspension in white glass
107.36 €
88.04 €
Handcrafted chandelier with metal curls
547.78 €
Big chandelier with textile lampshaped
1,095.56 €
Classic chandelier
292.80 €
233.90 €
One light chandelier with decentralized attachment
193.98 €
1,210.48 €
Chandelier bar
518.50 €
425.17 €
Metal plated gold chandelier with crystal
1,000.40 €
488.00 €
400.16 €
Suspension lamp in blown glass
225.70 €
185.07 €
Candelabra shape chandelier
1,023.41 €
Suspension lamp in worked metal
457.50 €
387.90 €
908.90 €
745.30 €
771.04 €
632.25 €
metal chandelier 8 light
610.00 €
500.20 €
Metal plated gold chandelier with crystal
1,037.00 €
850.34 €
Elegant chandelier six arms
774.70 €
635.25 €
Venetian chandelier
1,159.00 €
950.38 €
Chandelier classic
322.08 €
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Classic chandeliers: illuminate the home with elegance


Classic chandeliers: illuminate the home environments with elegance

Classic chandelier is among all lamps with the most prestigious lamps, because it is a symbol of luxury residences such as castles, villas, prestigious estates, residences. Unlike before, these pendant lights are now available to everyone. Classic chandeliers serve the central lighting space and are ideal for large spaces such as living rooms and bedrooms that guarantee a unique style.
The main feature of classic chandeliers is their ability to design suggestive effects of light on the ceiling and lighting in the room, even though they are excluded due to the brightness of the elements made of crystals.
This type of chandelier is also very suitable for modern spaces and gives it a luxurious and prestigious style. 


Classic chandeliers for every taste

We often thought that classic chandeliers are suitable for illuminating only houses that are characterized by the traditional furniture style. Instead, the classic chandelier can present the ideal details to fascinate the guests, even if you own a modern style home and can be sure that you will get an original result thanks to the contrast between the past and the present. This piece of furniture can be used in different rooms of the house. For example, the classic chandeliers Volterra, Palio, Space by Ideal Lux, presented in our online catalog, are perfect in a kitchen that is decorated in a shabby chic style. Even in the bedroom, the traditional beauty of the classic chandelier adds value and charm. In the living room, a classic chandelier enriches the environment, especially if you opt for detailed chandeliers with precious colors and crystal drops that characterize, for example, Tiepolo and Miramare chandeliers by Ideal Lux. Choosing the classic chandelier as a solution, the room of your home is the right choice to illuminate if you want to add Touch the class in your room, with a piece of furniture that is certainly not noticeable.


A wide selection of classic chandeliers

Ideal Lux offers a wide selection of classic chandeliers to suit every taste and every need of light. Choosing the right one for your environment will be easy. Among the various models offered, they are very elegant with transparent glass with crystal caps and velvet chain guard. Some models are characterized by candlelight, others have light bulbs with rounded and modern shapes. Other models are reworked in a modern way without special ornaments of rusty metal and antiquated white surfaces. Classic chandeliers are available in different colors: gold, silver, white, black and red to match the colors of the furniture in the room. In addition, classic chandeliers of various sizes are manufactured with more or less light, depending on the size of the room to be illuminated. These bright accessories are characterized by the charm of the past and the unique features you'll love. 


Classic chandeliers and maintenance

To preserve the beauty of your classic chandelier, you need to take care of it and keep it up to date. Only then will your chandelier continue to donate a valuable spark. Before cleaning the chandelier, completely disconnect the power supply. Use the ladder to remove the center of the chandelier and place the parts in the container. Fill the container with warm water and a little mild detergent and gently brush each piece. Then rinse and dry with a soft cloth. Clean the main structure of the chandelier with a cloth and reassemble the parts. As you watch this intermittent routine, your classic chandelier will continue to glow over time.


All of the chandeliers are classic chandeliers that create a better reputation for the spaces of your home through craftsmanship, material quality and valuable details. In our online shop you will find a wide selection of classic lamps that will meet all your furnishing needs.

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