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Modern floor lamps enhance your spaces

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Suggestions and tips to illuminate with modern floor lamps

You have chosen a modern style for your home and you do not know what kind of lighting to use? Take a look at our catalog of modern floor lamps, you will surely find the ones that best suit your tastes. The right light is essential to give value to the spaces, every corner must be enriched and there is no better way than using modern floor lamps that will make your home perfect.

Modern floor lamps to create an atmosphere lighting

Even if you have at your disposal a normal living room or an open space, on Light Shopping you can find the solution that more matches your needs in terms of floor lamps. Floor lamps in modern style are characterized by cold shades like ivory, white, gray, black so they can always be impact elements in your rooms. On Light Shopping you have at your disposal a large selection that ranges between modern floor lamps with essential and linear shapes, to the floor lamps with more unusual shapes. If you want something that will have a decisive impact in your room both solutions will be perfect because the simple lines of these floor lamps are a synonym of elegance and sophistication, as well as the color can be choosed to create a contrast with a wall or to emphasise to a chromatic matching of your furniture. The light of these lamps reveals the space returning its beauty.
The lamps for the living room as for example the Tolomeo floor lamps are a must have for this rooms both because brings in foreground and gives more value to the room and also because they recalls the attention on them, becoming real furnishing accessories.


Floor lamps in modern style to furnish and not only

Furnishing, create an atmosphere, create a bright corner, subdivide the room, read a book, work, commit to the DIY, these are one of the many functions on a modern floor lamp. There are really a lot of different types of modern floor lamps because there is not a unique type of floor lamp perfect for all.
Being mobile objects, they allows you to add a light point where you need it most, to create an atmosphere suitable for the environment.
This type of lamps is very versatile: the design of the models available on our shop allows to to range between solutions with different characteristics, depending on your needs. For example modern floor lamps with dimmer, allows you to vary the light intensity, while those with adjustable height or with flexible arm, allow you to adapt them to any corner of the room. It is possile choose between modern floor lamps that develops their strucutre vertically equipped with stem, and spherical lamps. Modern floor lamps are lighting complements highly customizable and capable of bringing an added value to any type of furnishing style. It is this ability to combine aesthetics and functionality that makes the floor modern lamps fully-fledged furnishing accessories ideal to illuminate any type of environment. Furthermore, the modern floor lamps with LED light emitts a pleasant light, with a great colour rendering and a right lighting with an energy saving that can arrive up to the 90% compared to the traditional light bulbs. Of course there are floor lamps with dimmable LED light source. Because to enjoy relax moments with your favourite book, you will need the right lighting. For this reason modern floor lamps are quality lamps, and are equipped with dimmer that can help you also to draw with "colored" light shades suitable to illuminate your environments.


Modern floor lamps: icons and new trends

Modern floor lamps are objects that over time have experienced continuos reinterpretations, combining iconic shapes with elements of innovation. The models with modern design have thin and chromed structures, and minimal lines that are integrated perfectly in the most contemporary contexts.
Floor lamps with lampshade are real icons of design like the floor lamps of the Tolomeo collection proposed by Artemide. The main material in the realisation of the modern floor lamps is metal. Floor lamps in metal are among the most appreciated for the big resistance and stability, if it's possible to choose between steel and die-cast aluminum.


The luminous effect of modern floor lamps


During the choice of a modern floor lamp is necessary value the luminous effect that you want to achieve. The ones with an indirect light projects the light towards the ceiling, allowing you to obtain a reflected and soft lighting. Among the various models available that emitts a direct light beam, usually are preferred the reading lamps. These lamps are ideal to create a relaxing corner in the living room or in the bedroom, an usually have an adjustable lampshade, so you can adjust the light beam where your like most and make your reading more comfortable.

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