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Brighten in colour with the bedroom lamps

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How to light up the children's bedroom

Give a touch of colour to your child's bedroom!
The bedroom of every kid should be a colourful and fun place, where you can spend hours in absolute quietness and carefree.
It is important to choose the most suitable bedroom lamp, with the right shape, vivid colours and the correct amount and type of light emitted.
In our selection of bedroom lights, you can find lots of pendant lamps, bedside lights, wall lamps and ceiling lights suitable for the bedroom lighting.
Our catalogue is regularly updated with the latest news. Take a look and if you need more information contact our customer service.

Bedroom lighting: creates a playful environment for your children

When you plan the illumination of your house, you should choose very carefully the best lamps for the children's bedroom.
When deciding which lamps fit the bedroom, you should pay attention to the following aspects.
Your children's room must be a playful place, where colours and furnishings stimulate their imagination. Children's lamps can have original shapes that recall floral elements, animals or even objects that inspire their dreams.

Colour combinations have a very important role because the bedroom is a place where children spend a good part of their day, to study and to play. Using a colourful pendant lamp or a beautiful original ceiling light means making this room a little paradise where every child can fantasise and make his games even more fun.
One of the pendant lamps we offer in our selection dedicated to the lighting of the children's bedroom is the Avion lamp by Ideal Lux. This lamp, as the name recalls, has the shape of an aeroplane made of coloured wood.

How to choose the bedroom lamps

A more important element to consider is about the type of light emitted. It is essential to choose a light suitable for children's eyes so that it is not too strong and does not strain their eyes. Desk lamps, used often for several hours, must emit a light suitable for this use.
The desk should be placed near a window to use the natural light and the lamps should have an adjustable lampshade in order to direct the light directly onto the book.
In general, a 100-watt bulb should be used for the main bedroom lamp, while for a desk lamp, which usually illuminates a limited area, 30 w can be sufficient.

For the study and reading, warm white LED lamps are more suitable because, according to some research, do not strain eyesight and stimulate concentration.
To provide an even more appropriate light to the study it is possible to combine the light of the table lamp with the more diffused light of a pendant lamp or a ceiling light.
Do not underestimate the lighting of the bedroom. Take advantage of the offers of Light Shopping immediately.

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