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The nautical style: accessories and details for tariff the difference

The nautical style, or seafaring is a fairly modern decorative trend and is characterized by the use of colors and decorative elements inspired by the seafaring tradition.
The decor in nautical style prefers the use of materials such as wood and natural fibers, in addition to the choice of colors that obviously recall the sea and its nuances. Furniture and furnishing accessories must be strictly made of wood with light colors.

White is the strong point of this style because it is able to reinforce the brightness of the rooms, one of the main characteristics of the nautical style. Floors and walls must be made with light colors such as white, light blue or light gray and the latter are often enriched with stencils of maritime figures or with lines.

In the marine style are the accessories and the details that make the difference, shells, starfish, old sailing ships, small boats, knots are the ideal decoration to enrich the walls of the house. The predominant fantasy in a nautical-style house are the lines, typically nautical, perfect for sofas, cushions, curtains and bed linen. For nautical style lighting, you could use pendant or wall lamps with a typical nautical design.
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