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Vintage lamps

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Discover the charm of vintage style


Vintage lamps for all enviroment

The word vintage has origins from the ancient French "vendenge", which means harvest, and was used to indicate the vintage wines of value.With the term vintage all objects that have at least twenty 'years of life and representing the symbols of a bygone era.

Products with high quality materials, are artifacts that for their characteristics and their design, are considered unique and inimitable pieces of history. The vintage ranges from clothing to accessories, but also to records, cars and furniture.

The vintage style is also found with regard to the lighting of the house, worthy of note are certainly the vintage lamps like Nesso and Eclisse di Artemide, designed in the 60s of 1900. Color has great value inside a retro house, there are often combinations of shades that create deliberate contrasts and accentuate the gritty aspect of this style.


Vintage lamps are suitable for living spaces but also commercial or work spaces. They can make the ling room look more retrò. Or give the bedroom that touch of nostalgia in the furnishing. Ideal the combination of chandeliers and wall lamps in vintage style, but can be combined with modern lamps or design lamps to create a desired contrast.

From the more rounded shapes to the more linear or squared ones, the vintage lamps are therefore adapted to every lighting and furnishing need. The materials instead, are increasingly sought after and combined with each other.

In our catalog you can also find a wide range of vintage lamps, wall and floor lamps to lighting and live outdoor spaces of your home. From the pathway, to the facades, then move on the terrace or porch.


Buy your vintage lamp in comfort and receive it at home in just a few day!

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