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Lighting for garages and cellars

Circle spotlight directable
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Outdoor chandelier
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Lamp on wires
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Lamp on wires
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Outdoor chandelier
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Outdoor chandelier
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Outdoor wall light
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Wall lamp for external facades
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Recessed aluminium spotlight
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Recessed aluminium spotlight
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Recessed aluminium spotlight
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Circle spotlight directable
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Square spotlight directable
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Recessed spotlight
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Directable wall light
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Walkable recessed spotlight
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Suspension lamp vintage
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Outdoor wall spotlight
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Portable lamp
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Contemporary style chandelier
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Outdoor wall light
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Outdoor wall light
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Wall light for balcony or arcade
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Outdoor wall light
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Outdoor wall lamp
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Outdoor wall light
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Round lamp
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Outdoor ceiling lamp
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Outdood old style chandelier small
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Outdoor chandelier
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Polycarbonate wall light for outdoor
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Wall lamp and ceiling lamp
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Outdoor lamp
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Wall or ceiling lamp minimal style
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Circle wall light
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How to light up the garage and the cellar

The garage is not just an enclosed space to store your car, but also a room to be used for other purposes. The garage is often used to perform manual work and unclean activities that should not be done at home, such as repairs, DIY work, or as a laundry room or as a storage closet. The lighting of the garage is essential if you want to use it for these works too.
Light Shopping offers you a wide choice of ceiling and wall lamps, very economical solutions to obtain adequate lighting even in service areas such as the garage and the cellar, often dark and poorly lit.
If you need advice and technical information on the lamps best suited to these environments you can contact our customer service.

Ceiling lamps for garage lighting

For most people, the garage is just the place to park the car safe from theft or where old unused objects are stored. However, for many other people, this environment is a leisure space perfect for hobbies, to be valued and transformed in a small, personal laboratory. Most garages are dark and poorly lit because the lighting is not appropriate for its dimensions. Usually, there are few side-mounted lights that do not offer uniform or sufficient lighting.
Depending on the size of your garage, we recommend using 2 or more lamps placed in the centre of the ceiling. Near shelves and any place where you place your objects, You could add adjustable spotlights near shelves and the places where you store things for better visibility.

Lighting the exterior of the garage: lamps with motion sensors

Very often garages are located in poorly lit areas, especially if underground. For this reason, it is important to adequately illuminate the entrance, for example with LED spotlights. A very convenient solution is to use lamps with a motion sensor, thanks to which as soon as you approach the entrance of your garage, the sensor will automatically turn on the light without having to get out of the car and turn on any switch.

Lighting the interior of the garage: the LED ceiling lights

As far as the interior lighting of the garage is concerned, it is advisable to use approximately two or more LED lamps, positioned at the centre of the ceiling. The number of lamps depends naturally on the size of the space you want to illuminate. A LED ceiling light can be considered an excellent solution to get a good brightness to perform different activities, but also to achieve significant energy savings. Installed on the ceiling, it allows to spread the light uniformly and with little space.
For this space are suitable both rounded or squared ceiling lights. Depending on the size of the room and the different functions that will be used, you can decide to install more light sources and get more light points oriented where needed.
You can use adjustable spotlights or small wall lamps to illuminate strategic points such as shelves or work surfaces. The Faro Barcelona brand offers a series of ceiling lamps, very economical wall lamps with minimal design, ideal for garage lighting.

Lighting for the cellar

A cellar is a domestic place suitable as a storage room and to be able to dispose of it at best it is advisable to provide adequate light points. If you decide to use the cellar to store tools or old objects you will need to use a ceiling lamp with diffused brightness to promote sufficient visibility.
If the cellar is very large and equipped with shelves or cabinets, it will be appropriate to install some more light, maybe a LED ceiling light to get a general lighting and some adjustable spotlight for a directional light that illuminates even the darkest corners.

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