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Lamps for the lighting of the corridor, the entrance and the stairs

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How to illuminate passage areas

The corridor, the entrance and the stairs, being usually the smallest rooms of a house, are often not sufficiently lit. This is why Light Shopping has decided to select for you a wide range of ceiling lights, wall lamps and spotlights, suitable for lighting corridors, the entrance and the stairwell.

It is important to choose the most suitable lamps carefully, considering its typology, the amount of light emitted and its style, and also their collocation.

Corridor lamps, if correctly positioned, can change the perception of this space, making it perhaps wider and more welcoming. The same concept can also be applied to the lighting of the stairs and the entrance.

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Choose the most suitable corridor lighting

Often the corridor lighting, not being one of the main rooms of the house, is often neglected and does not have the right importance.
The corridor, which is simply a passage area between rooms, must have an illumination that enhances its utility like the other rooms.
There are several solutions to illuminate the corridor. You can use step light spotlights, that illuminate the lower part of the wall, allowing the passage even without turning on all the lights. They guarantee a decorative effect thanks to the use of LED technology.
A corridor can often lack furniture, but in some cases, it is enriched with photos and paintings. Using appliques it is possible to give the right value to these decorative elements.
Positioning a beautiful dresser instead, to be enriched with ornaments or plants, it is interesting to study the appropriate lighting to give importance to this angle.

For the lighting of a corridor, which often does not have large spaces in terms of volumes, it is possible to use discrete light sources such as ceiling lights or ceiling recessed spotlights, positioned perhaps in a plasterboard false ceiling.
The simple, square or round shapes of classic ceiling lamps or minimalist lines are usually perfect for hallway lighting.
Another possibility that allows us to illuminate the corridor efficiently is certainly the use of bi-emission appliques. They allow the diffusion of light both upwards and downwards, creating a particular effect since very often the light beam is distributed differently in both directions.

The importance of lighting the stairs adequately

Even the lighting of the stairs should be designed in the smallest detail: placing LED path lights near the steps, certainly helps to improve visibility on the stairs and to avoid possible accidental falls. The walls of the stairwell can accommodate appliques, perhaps positioned along the ramps and on the landing.
Depending on the style of your home, you can choose from a wide selection of wall lights, ceiling lights and spotlights. If your home has a modern and sophisticated look, you should consider the modern applique of Faro Barcelona or Artemide. If you have a home that focuses more on technology, in our Shop you have available many LED spotlights of the brand i-LèD technical lighting system.

Entry lighting

As soon as you cross the threshold of a house, what gives us the first impression of the surrounding space is the entrance. It is good to give this little space the value it deserves.
If the dimensions we have available are minimal, you could opt for entrance lamps with small dimensions, such as a beautiful designer ceiling lamp or wall lamps. If instead, you have a larger environment, then you can insert a larger chandelier, certainly more scenographic and impact than any other type of light source.

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