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Garden lighting

Portable lamp
108.58 €
Outdoor concrete floor lamp
1,488.40 €
1,264.90 €
Outdoor floor lamp
860.10 €
730.90 €
Bollard for outdoors small
640.50 €
511.90 €
Portable lamp
384.30 €
306.90 €
Copper applique/ceiling light
401.38 €
320.90 €
Bollard for outdoors
1,163.88 €
930.90 €
Copper garden pole
706.38 €
564.90 €
Table lamp multifunction
280.60 €
237.90 €
Outdoor floor lamp
254.31 €
189.91 €
Rectangular outdoor wall lamp
207.20 €
154.90 €
Garden pole in brass
491.66 €
392.90 €
Outdoor lamp with sun light
210.10 €
156.90 €
Outdoor light
1,512.80 €
1,209.90 €
Outdoor floor lamp
1,610.40 €
1,287.91 €
Outdoor recessed spotlight
91.50 €
73.20 €
Bollard for outdoors
761.28 €
608.90 €
Bollard for outdoors
653.92 €
522.90 €
Floor light for outdoor
878.40 €
657.90 €
Table lamp or wall light portable
211.06 €
167.90 €
Bollard for outdoors
1,049.20 €
838.90 €
Outdoor lantern
1,098.00 €
877.90 €
Circle spotlight drive over
541.68 €
405.89 €
Adjustable RGBW outdoor projector
303.78 €
226.90 €
Portable lamp
265.00 €
224.89 €
Outdoor walkable spotlight
477.02 €
356.90 €
Adjustable walkable outdoor spotlight
510.88 €
408.70 €
Outdoor adjustable projector
158.60 €
118.95 €
Floor spotlight with peg
151.38 €
112.90 €
Portable lamp
219.60 €
174.90 €
Garden light
289.75 €
231.80 €
Adjustable projector
148.77 €
110.90 €
Outdoor recessed marker light
82.67 €
69.95 €
Outdoor wall light small
93.74 €
78.95 €
Bollard for outdoors
692.96 €
553.90 €
Outdoor lamp
1,354.20 €
1,082.90 €
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Make your home safe with garden lights

Garden lights are very important both in terms of the appearance of your home and in terms of safety. This is why garden lighting is necessary.

Garden lighting is essential to make spaces that would otherwise not be illuminated. They help to discourage the entry of malicious people and to create a path in which to walk safely, avoiding falls. Garden lamps include all outdoor spotlights. Like walkable and drive-over spotlights, garden bollards and posts, outdoor wall lights, floor lamps and even portable lamps.

Take a look at our selection of garden lamps. You will surely find what suits you best to give the right look to your outdoor spaces. For more information contact our customer service. 



Give space to the garden lighting

To have a beautiful home both inside and out, it is good to turn your attention and care to outdoor garden lighting.

A well-kept garden in aesthetic terms must not neglect the appearance of light. Thanks to the use of garden lights and outdoor spotlights, it is possible to enrich it more by enhancing the most important spaces.


How to choose garden lamps

It is essential to carefully choose the most suitable garden lamps for the style you want to recreate. However, always bearing in mind the breadth of the available spaces.

With garden spotlights you can illuminate paths, give light to specific areas near the house or even particularly interesting views. Areas to which it is useful to give an aesthetic value even at night.

The use of luminous spheres is very popular to create effective lighting today. Usually white, they give that touch of elegance and make the garden more original.

The garden spheres emit a soft light ideal to recreate soft atmospheres perfect for outdoor dinners and aperitifs. In addition to the aesthetic appearance at night, garden spheres are perfect furnishing accessories also for the daytime look of outdoor spaces.

For the outdoor green area, portable garden lamps can also be used. Comfortable because you can move them at any time. For example, if you go from aperitif in the garden to dinner under the veranda you can take them with you. Equipped with LED light they work with battery or sunlight. Often it is possible to adjust its intensity and switch on and off via touch technology.


Illuminate your outdoor area with garden bollards

Even the garden bollards and post lamps are an excellent solution for lighting outdoor spaces. Nowadays, many variations are available that differ in style and aesthetic characteristics. In fact it is possible to choose more classic shapes with stem and globe diffuser, or more modern ones with more stylized and minimal lines.


The garden stakes can be used both on lawns and on tougher surfaces such as paving and paths in beaten earth. They are ideal for creating paths that lead to the entrance of the house or to illuminate some parts of the garden.

If your garden is very large, it is necessary to place them in strategic points carefully defined to optimize the lighting effect.

To define garden lighting with some criteria, some brands provide a complete range of garden lights coordinated with each other. In fact it is possible to easily combine a garden bollard with an outdoor wall lamp. Or even with the chandelier and the ceiling light to be placed on the veranda and in the portico.


Something more to know about garden lamps

Garden lamps are made with IPs suitable for external weather conditions. In fact, the degree of protection must allow the body of the lamp to withstand the entry of rain and foreign bodies. Like dust and other elements that could compromise the operation of the lamp.

A good part of garden lamps use LED technology. Very important feature from the point of view of the decorative effect and also as regards energy saving. Because garden lamps are often kept on throughout the night, the savings will be considerable.

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