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Lamps for the living room

Floor lamp with slender line
976.00 €
878.40 €
Design chandelier for living room
847.90 €
763.11 €
Sanitizing suspension lamp
548.76 €
Sanitizing lamp
548.57 €
Adjustable track projector
54.78 €
Adjustable indoor projector
54.78 €
Recessed spotlight
38.19 €
Ceiling spotlight directable
52.03 €
Tube ceiling light
80.83 €
Single light tubular ceiling light
68.50 €
Wall light with double diffusor
54.60 €
Chandelier with textile lampshade
105.96 €
Table lamp with textile lampshade
154.15 €
Wall light with sphere diffusor
154.82 €
Old style chandelier
190.81 €
Rope chandelier
164.27 €
Small linear wall lamp
353.80 €
317.90 €
Table lamp vintage
110.00 €
98.95 €
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Table lamp with glass lampshade
198.86 €
178.90 €
Table lamp touch dimmer
990.64 €
Table lamp vintage style
283.89 €
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Design blown glass table lamp
1,207.80 €
Modern table lamp
888.16 €
754.94 €
Vintage table lamp
360.00 €
323.90 €
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Rechargeable table lamp
242.78 €
Modern table lamp
242.90 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Design bedside lamp
546.56 €
464.58 €
Table lamp
146.40 €
99.95 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Wall light with indirect light
122.73 €
To -44%
Led table lamp portable with USB
305.00 €
169.90 €
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Table lamp with translucent diffusor
250.10 €
225.09 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Table lamp 60's years style
199.99 €
179.90 €
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Design table lamp
836.92 €
711.38 €
Table lamp vintage
400.00 €
359.90 €
Table lamp multifunction
317.20 €
268.90 €
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Floor light with diffusor directable
215.21 €
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Wide choice of lamps to illuminate the living area

Every room can be enriched by using different types of lamps to achieve the most suitable result, based on its specific use. Lights contribute not only to provide a good lighting but include a number of aspects such as comfort, aesthetics and atmosphere of the place.

The living room is the perfect setting where it is important to evaluate carefully the right mix of different types of lights to highlight each area of the room in the best way.

On Light Shopping you will find a wide selection of lamps for lighting your living room. Browse our catalogue to find those that suit your needs. If you need more information, you can contact our customer service.


How to illuminate the living room


When designing the lighting of a place it is always good to mix different light sources, also taking into account natural light. One of the most common mistakes made when dealing with living room lighting is to illuminate only the central area. There is a risk of neglecting the ends destined to remain in shadow.

In the case of the living room, it can also be the right occasion to furnish this space with a touch of originality. Using living room lamps and accent spots to create multi-level lighting.

Lighting the living room with a central chandelier is certainly the simplest choice. Because it allows the emission of a great light, especially in the area below it. In our online catalog you will find countless models. Chandeliers for the lighting of your living room at favorable prices and able to satisfy your every need.



In addition to the chandelier, usually behind the sofa you could place a floor lamp with adjustable light. Perfect for every moment as you can choose the intensity of the light you need.

In the living room the adjustable ceiling spotlights, to be mounted on a track or the recessed ones, are also very useful. The main feature of the spotlights is to offer a directional light, to illuminate certain areas of the room very well. You can use this feature to create special light effects.

Always among the spotlights, a very refined and functional way is to choose recessed plasterboard spotlights. To illuminate a modern living room. Perfect for creating an illuminated frame all around the room. They effectively distribute a homogeneous light and represent an excellent alternative to the central chandelier.

Other solutions for living room lighting and obtaining lighting that is not too invasive are wall lamps and table lamps. Moreover, the LED sources have completely changed the way of experiencing artificial light.

Thanks to the possibility of adjusting the color temperature, it allows you to easily switch from a cold light to a warm light. Creating different atmospheres. Reading, relaxation, concentration for a better feeling of well-being.


How to light up the living area

Living room lighting plays an important role.

Since it is in this space of the house that you find yourself in family or with friends to relax, have a chat or watch TV together. The living room is also a place dedicated to reading, studying or working. It is therefore a multi-functional area.

He must be able to change appearance according to the different moments of the day, to adapt to your needs. For this reason it is essential not to underestimate the lighting in the living room and carefully study the arrangement of the light points.



In general, these tips should be kept in mind for living room lighting. First of all you will have to provide a floor lamp with a swivel arm near the sofa and other seats. To exploit the dual utility: functional and aesthetic.

From modern ones in steel, to classic ones with fabric lampshades, they can be used in different styles of furniture. Perfect for both contemporary and traditional living rooms. If chosen with care, the floor lamps can give character and style to the whole environment.

An alternative to floor lamps are chandeliers. Positioned in the center of the room for lighting the entire living room, the chandelier is able to characterize the environment with style. You can choose from our catalog among the most modern design chandeliers to the most classic ones. From cluster or geometric shapes to crystal ones for traditional living rooms.


From the point of view of practicality it is to be taken into consideration that the chandelier will illuminate the living room altogether. Without directly pointing the light beam at specific areas. For this reason, you will need to provide other more targeted lighting points.

For example table lamps. Especially if there are various points of support in the living room, such as a console or table, to better enhance the furnishings. This type of living room lamps are very versatile. Because you can move it to your liking from one piece of furniture to another. The wall lamps, on the other hand, are very useful for enhancing specific portions of space, greatly contributing to the atmosphere of the living room, making the environment extremely relaxing.

Among the most trendy lighting solutions we find recessed spotlights, with warm or cold light. Recessed spotlights are ideal in the presence of false ceilings. They ensure brightness and maximum discretion for an ultra modern style.

Recessed spotlights can define the contours of the space by being able to distribute them over the entire length. Or highlight just one part of the ceiling depending on the effect you want to achieve and make the environment even more spectacular.


How to light up the dining room

The dining room is mainly a space dedicated to the consumption of meals, convivial moments, hospitality. To furnish this space in your home, you need to find the right combination of quantity and quality of light. To make the time spent at the table always pleasant, both aspects of functionality and aesthetics must be considered.

You could first opt ​​for a design chandelier. Match the direct light, directed on the dining table, to the indirect one, facing the ceiling. Placing it at a height of about 70 and 90 centimeters.

These types of chandeliers are characterized both by the shapes and by the LED sources. With a high visual impact and excellent focal points to give more character to the room.



These pendant lamps also feature a dimmer. This allows you to adjust the intensity of the light at will and then modify it according to the occasion.

While you can choose a softer and warmer light to illuminate the surroundings with more light points of lower intensity. Such as the appliqués that create chiaroscuro effects and contrasts that animate the walls.

Models with an indirect light source or characterized by opaque diffusers are recommended for an even softer light and a relaxing environment.

In the specific case of the dining room, considerations on the tone of light have their importance. In a dining room, it is better to opt for a warm colored light. Between 300 and 700 lumens. Thus making the environment less impersonal and sent to calm and conviviality.

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