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Outdoor lamps for the lighting of the pathway

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Wide choice of outdoor lamps

The lighting of the pathway is an important element for your safety, especially if the ground is uneven, there are holes and you are in the dark. The choice of suitable outdoor lamps ensures optimal illumination and a safe path. Recessed spotlights and garden poles are very suitable for pathways and pathway. In our online catalogue, you will find various models of garden poles with different heights, perfect for lawns, flowerbeds or other outdoor necessity. In addition to ensuring greater security during the evening and night hours, these floor lamps with their discreet design enrich your green spaces with an elegant light without producing glare.
If you have any questions about outdoor lighting to illuminate your garden pathway, do not hesitate to contact our customer service.




The lighting of the pathway: which outdoor lamps to choose

To adequately illuminate your pathway there are various solutions proposed by numerous lighting brands among which you can choose, first among all i-LèD, secondly Ideal Lux and Faro Barcelona.
In our catalogue, there are outdoor lamps for pathways lights of all types. You can select them thanks to our filters and choose the ones that best suit your needs.
We have floor lamps with pedestal and pole of various heights with the classic ball shape, or with a more modern geometric design, as well as various models of garden spotlights.
Outdoor spaces are increasingly considered an added value for their home, so it is necessary to understand how to enhance them with light.
It is good not to forget that the pathway is not an isolated element of the garden. It must follow the aesthetics and style of the rest of the lamps already present outside the house.
The pathway is primarily a function of access to your home and must, therefore, be well lit to ensure the safety of those who travel through it. Secondly, it has the function of enhancing the presence of ornamental plants or flowers.
If your path is a linear path, it is sufficient to delineate its shape, enhancing it along its entire length. In this regard you can use low-height garden posts with diffused light emission and adjustable outdoor spotlights to illuminate the presence of any ornamental plants and flowerbeds, better if with a led source.

Energy saving with LED lighting

The advantage of LED poles and spotlights is that they consume much less energy. Lamps with motion sensors are even more recommended as they provide light only when needed. If your path is 3 or 5 meters away, you can consider whether to use higher-height garden poles or even recessed walk-over spotlights or LED pathways if you want to avoid the encumbrance of the poles.
The degree of IP protection is important for the choice of outdoor lamps. A floor lamp for thepathway must have an IP equal to 45 to be protected from infiltrations of foreign bodies and jets of water if not higher in some cases.

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