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Spotlights for pool lighting

Outdoor design floor lamp
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Waterproof immersion spotlight
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Waterproof immersion spotlight
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Waterproof immersion spotlight
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Outdoor recessed spotlight
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Outdoor recessed spotlight
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Tips for pool lighting

Lighting the pool means creating a special atmosphere that allows you to increase the use of the pool or to revive this space even at night. The most used lighting solutions to illuminate a pool are underwater spotlights, led spotlights to be installed along the edges of the pool or even floating lamps. From our online catalogue, you can choose spotlights of different shapes and sizes with LED light sources that will allow you to create spectacular lighting situations for your pool. If you need help finding the right lighting for your pool, ask for advice from our customer service.

How to illuminate the pool: underwater spotlights

The pool area should be reported for various reasons. Mainly to ensure safety and then to decorate the space that houses the pool. The solutions to illuminate the pool are various: floating lamps, perimeter LED spotlights, underwater spotlights and floor lamps.
To light the pool, you can choose underwater spotlights suitable for this specific context, because they are usually powered at low voltage for safety reasons. The presence of water requires exceptional attention and the purchase of suitable lights, as well as the intervention of a professional.
The underwater spotlights are generally installed at 70 cm below the water level. The flat models are perfect for pools with a rectangular shape. If the pool is round it is also possible to install roundish spotlights.
The spotlights for swimming pools can be installed in order to follow a precise geometric line, preferably on the sides of the pool to not be too intrusive or on the contrary to create a starry sky for a romantic atmosphere. You can also use LED spotlights, for example, to embed them on the steps of the pool as a path marker to indicate the walkway.
If you want to use this outdoor space very often, spotlights with LED light sources are the best solution because they guarantee, with the same lighting, a great energy saving. Moreover, even if these LED spotlights have a higher cost in the purchase phase, they have a longer life.
The LED spotlights have other advantages: they can be stepped on, do not heat up, have different colour shades. For an even more scenographic result, you could opt for the RGB LED spotlights and create coloured atmospheres.
In addition to the lighting of the tub it is important to study the right lighting for the edge: in this case, the recessed spotlights are very recommended. To enhance the profile of the pool, you could use the spotlights to be embedded along the perimeter, very useful for both as decorative lights to organise evenings poolside or get more security to report any steps or edges. Also, you can admire the play of reflections of light caused by the movement of water.

How to illuminate the pool: floating lamps

If you like to organise poolside parties a good solution for lighting the pool are the floating lamps especially during summer evenings. These lamps are an economical solution as they allow you to save on the cost of a lighting system. The ideal, however, would be to use them to reinforce the basic lighting of the pool during special occasions or to make up for the lack of light in those less illuminated spots.
For example with the Oh! Lamps by Linea Light you can create exciting stage effects that leave the guests of your evenings breathless. Browse through our catalogue and find the light solution that best suits your needs. "Underwater spotlights, LED spotlights, recessed spotlights, floor lamps, path lights, RGB LED spotlights.

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