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Lighting for shops

Ceiling light with two spotlight directable
80.83 €
Circle shape design wall and ceiling lamp
859.90 €
Design wall light with double emission
503.90 €
Portable lamp
309.90 €
Wall light
264.90 €
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Vintage ceiling lamp
57.95 €
Design table lamp
899.90 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Portable lamp
368.90 €
Design wall light
323.90 €
Portable lamp
413.90 €
Glass table lamp
476.90 €
Design chandelier, diffusor 22
413.90 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Floor light modern
1,866.91 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Wall light
557.91 €
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Ceiling lamp with three adjustable lights
108.28 €
Ceiling light with four spotlight directable
136.58 €
Binary lighting
57.77 €
Modern square wall/ceiling lamp
3,306.90 €
Design chandelier
203.90 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Contemporary style chandelier
1,308.90 €
Rectangular chandelier
3,306.90 €
Design chandelier with three bright sphere
953.91 €
Ceiling light linear
1,614.90 €
Refined chandelier
579.90 €
Round lamp
817.90 €
Elegant chandelier
413.90 €
Wall light with two light and directable diffusor
1,210.90 €
Contemporary style chandelier
984.91 €
Modern design wall and ceiling lamp
1,488.90 €
Suspension with 3 circles
4,089.90 €
Design lamp combinable
213.50 €
197.64 €
Shipped within 24 hours
1,245.90 €
Adjustable track projector
206.90 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Modern wall light or ceiling light
962.90 €
Aluminium chandelier
507.90 €
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What you need to know about optimal lighting in stores

Lighting is extremely important for shops and other commercial spaces. Firstly, lighting a store is necessary for catching the attention of potential customers and inviting them to view the products. In addition to this, a correct illumination enhance the appearance and quality of the products on sale, so that they are more engaging and then the customer is inclined to buy them. Light Shopping offers a wide selection of lamps for lighting shops and commercial spaces. Browse our catalogue to find what's right for you. Contact us for more information.


Lighting the interiors and shop windows

Lighting is one of the primary elements when you own a store. The entrance and the shop window are the business card that you present to the customers and, if these spaces are well lit, they are more inviting. The interior illumination is important because it allows customers to see better the products on sale.
The type of lighting varies according to the type of goods sold. In a clothing or cosmetics store, it is important to distinguish colours. For this purpose, it is necessary to use lamps with a high colour rendering, because customers choose products with nice and vibrant colours. The greater the colour rendering is, the better the ability to return colours in an almost perfect way is. Even the light tone influences our perception. A colour temperature between 2700 and 3000 K is considered hot and usually come from halogen lamps with red and yellow emissions more intense than the others, generally perceived as shades of very pleasant white.
In case you want to emphasise the cold colours you can use for example low consumption LED lamps that reach a colour temperature up to 4000 K.


Another aspect to consider when planning the illumination of your shop is the amount of light emitted by the lamps measured in lumens. Lux is the measure used to understand how much light a room needs and indicates the number of lumens necessary to illuminate an area of ​​one m². A store usually needs a minimum of 300 lux for retail and transit service areas, and about 500 lux for the exhibition areas. To light the shop window it should be used an illumination far superior, usually between 1000 and 1500 lux. It is necessary to pay attention to the number of light sources and think about the direction of illumination in order to avoid a glaring problem and a waste of energy.
Many of the brands on our website, like Faro Barcelona, ​​, Ma & DE, Ideal Lux, i-Lèd, offer modern and design lamps ideal for lighting commercial spaces and shops, is able to create the desired atmosphere and give character to your room.

Shop lighting: adjustable spotlights and track spotlights

To light a store it is recommended a flexible and practical lighting system. An important feature is the possibility to move the lamps from one corner of the store to the other and direct the light depending on the different necessities. To obtain a correct illumination of your store, it is recommended to install adjustable spotlights or track lights to move them according to your needs.

With the right lighting, you can emphasise the style and character of your business environment and attract customers within your store and improve sales. On our online shop, you will find a wide selection of LED spotlights at advantageous prices that allow you to illuminate a specific space while consuming less than other light sources.

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