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A wide range of lamps for office lighting

Table lamp touch dimmer
63.44 €
49.95 €
Arch-shaped floor lamp
1,919.06 €
Wall light with light directable
280.60 €
Design table lamp
969.90 €
794.90 €
Modern table lamp
673.44 €
606.10 €
Bi-Color Table lamp
230.00 €
206.90 €
Design chandelier
1,370.00 €
1,232.90 €
Wall light
335.00 €
300.90 €
Desk light with dimmer
533.14 €
Design lamp combinable
625.01 €
561.90 €
Design table lamp
580.00 €
521.90 €
Wall light
240.00 €
215.90 €
Design chandelier
2,089.99 €
1,880.90 €
Design chandelier
1,820.00 €
1,637.90 €
Large round ceiling light
169.58 €
Suspension with circular diffusers
486.78 €
Wall light
420.00 €
377.90 €
Ceiling light
255.00 €
203.90 €
Circular suspension LED
78.08 €
Design ceiling light
185.44 €
Small design chandelier, diffusor 22
430.00 €
386.90 €
Wall light
315.00 €
282.91 €
Design wall light
330.00 €
296.90 €
Ceiling light linear
1,710.00 €
1,538.90 €
Desk lamp with adjustable arm
445.00 €
Table lamp colourful
286.70 €
Linear suspension lamp
143.96 €
Desk light colourful
495.00 €
Design metal floor lamp
685.00 €
Contemporary wall light
3,620.00 €
3,257.90 €
Minimal wall light
720.00 €
647.91 €
1,425.00 €
1,281.90 €
Round lamp
817.40 €
734.90 €
Design chandelier
3,085.00 €
2,775.90 €
Design chandelier
1,730.00 €
1,556.90 €
Design chandelier
2,710.00 €
2,438.90 €
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Office lamps for every need

It is very important not to ignore the office illumination and it is necessary to study in detail the illumination of this space.
The light should be well diffused in the space and you need a perfect balance between direct and indirect light. All this is necessary to limit eye strain and contribute to better concentration.
In the Light Shopping catalogue of lamps, you can find many office lamps suitable for all needs. Chandeliers, ceiling lamps, spotlights and lots of desk lamps from the best lighting brands. Choose the one that's right for your office, and if you're in any doubt, do not hesitate to contact our customer service.




The importance of illuminating the office correctly

Houses are not the only places that need correct illumination. It is also important to carefully plan the lighting of workplaces and offices.
The whole workspace and especially the desks should be illuminated in an optimal way using office lamps with precise characteristics, in order to work several hours without the eyes getting tired.
If an office is illuminated by natural light, it must come laterally and can be complemented by the main light provided by a lamp placed in the middle of the room and by a secondary light source, given by desk lamps.
To ensure proper illumination of the worktop, it is advisable to place the table lamp on the opposite side of the hand you are writing with, so if you are right-handed the desk lamp will be placed on the left. This way you avoid shadows that could be annoying at the time of writing and reading.
In order to optimise the diffusion of the light, it is advisable to use adjustable lamps that allow you to rotate the lampshade and direct it to the affected surface. The light must be clear and must not dazzle, so LED lamps are the most suitable for reading.

What is the lighting for the ideal office?

A workstation must have a flow of 500 lumens, a recommended condition to allow the eyes to not get tired. In an office or a studio, the lamps must have a minimum colour rendering of 80, to make the colours as natural as possible. Moreover, according to the studies, the most suitable colour temperature is the cold one, which helps to have a greater contraction.

Among the many desk lamps that we recommend in our Light Shopping shop, we definitely find Tolomeo by Artemide the table lamp par excellence, equipped with a movable arm, adjustable lamp shade and LED technology. For general office lighting, you can use linear chandeliers with minimal style, or even Faro Barcelona LED ceiling lights.

In the choice of office lamps usually more sober lighting is preferred, made of lamps with simple shapes and neutral colors. What is given more value is certainly the type of light that is emitted and the distribution of the lamps inside the spaces.

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