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LED steplights to illuminate paths, walkways and stairs

Recessed spotlight
128.10 €
107.90 €
Recessed spotlight
103.70 €
87.95 €
Recessed spotlight
201.30 €
170.90 €
Recessed spotlight
183.00 €
154.90 €
Outdoor recessed wall lamp
469.70 €
398.90 €
Recessed spotlight
106.75 €
85.40 €
Outdoor recessed marker light
89.45 €
75.95 €
Recessed spotligh for outdoor
120.72 €
101.89 €
Recessed marker wall spotlight
266.88 €
213.50 €
Safety lamp for escape routes
131.00 €
Recessed marker spotlight
91.00 €
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Recessed spotlight
196.42 €
24.95 €
Recessed spotlight
54.00 €
Recessed decorative spotlight
50.00 €
Squared recessed spotlight for ceiling
41.72 €
Recessed spotligh for outdoor
77.00 €
Decorative spotlight
72.00 €
Recessed square spotlight
53.31 €
Recessed spotligh for outdoor
98.00 €
Recessed spotligh for outdoor
194.00 €
Recessed spotligh for outdoor
231.00 €
Recessed marker spotlight
78.00 €
Marker spotlight
45.75 €
36.60 €
Marker spotlight
68.63 €
54.90 €
Recessed spotlight
40.57 €
Recessed spotligh for outdoor
200.00 €
Recessed marker spotlight
61.00 €
48.80 €
Decorative recessed spotlight
51.00 €
Recessed street light
258.64 €
206.90 €
Outdoor wall spotlight
218.38 €
173.90 €
Concrete recessed path marker
169.00 €
Concrete recessed path marker
219.00 €
Recessed spotligh for outdoor
221.00 €
Circle recessed spotlight for ceiling or wall
48.68 €
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Improve lighting with recessed wall spotlights

The Led recessed wall spotlights perform the important function of highlighting the paths and making the passage safer, thus avoiding accidental falls. They are also very useful to highlight certain areas such as stairs, flower beds, ponds, low walls, swimming pools, fountains, as well as paths and walkways. This type of lighting can be both outdoor and indoor and is usually used on the ground or wall to signal the presence of obstacles, gradients and steps along the way. The led path marker spotlights installed on the ground can be placed in the ground without problems, are walkable and very resistant to impact and atmospheric agents. The wall marker spotlights perform the same function, allow you to orient yourself in the dark without stumbling and give the environment a scenic touch. They therefore have the purpose of creating suggestive effects and signaling the path. In this section we have selected for you a range of led path lights to offer you the best solution to effectively illuminate any area you want. Quality products, aesthetically beautiful and at a competitive price.

Recessed wall spotlights to make your home beautiful and safe

From today orient yourself in the dark will no longer be so difficult thanks to the wall recessed spotlights. These devices are designed to be recessed along the walls and create light trails that signal the passage in the dark. For example, they are highly recommended to guarantee safety in the presence of stairs both indoors and outdoors.
The recessed wall spotlights are available in various shapes, materials and color finishes to adapt to any type of context, both private and public. In addition to the sides of an internal or external staircase, the recessed wall spotlights can be installed, for example, along the side wall of an external access ramp to the house. In the home, recessed wall spotlights can be used to illuminate the transition zones between one room and another, such as corridors, to make the walking area clearly visible.
Built into the wall, they create a luminous path between the bedroom and the bathroom, for example. In this sense, recessed spotlights or path lights help to make the domestic space more functional and practical. The structure of these luminous objects is solid and sturdy, often made of die-cast aluminum and colored with special very resistant powder paints. Usually the advice is to place the steplight spotlights in the wall about 50 cm from the ground. From this height will be projected along the wall below a cone of light and on the floor the bright halo, perfect to reconcile function and aesthetics and illuminate the rooms in a sophisticated way, highlighting the details of the walls.


Recessed wall spotlights of simple installation for a well illuminated house

The purpose of this type of lighting, as already mentioned, is both functional and aesthetic, so you have to position the lights in strategic points to fulfill these needs. Most of the recessed wall spotlights are installed in the plasterboard or in the wall resulting in total disappearance, for a simple, linear and aesthetically modern effect. The recessed spotlights on the wall are usually made up of a lamp body with reduced dimensions, with a central, diffused, minimal and elegant element.
A recessed wall spotlight is easy to install. You just need to prepare the plasterboard, or make an opening in the wall and insert it, make the appropriate connections and fill. You can also paint it in the same color as the wall or according to your personal needs and tastes. Those equipped with LED light sources allow considerable energy savings compared to traditional lamps; this also reduces maintenance costs to a minimum thanks to the long life of the LED, which can reach up to 30.000 hours of use. On our catalog you can find hundreds of models of the most varied shapes, square, round, rectangular to meet every need of lighting that if used wisely can also be elements of furniture for your home.

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