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Lamps for studio lighting

Chandelier two light
581.94 €
84.95 €
24 lights chandelier
3,058.91 €
Desk lamp with adjustable arm
222.04 €
176.90 €
Wall light
227.01 €
169.90 €
Modern wall lamp with lampshade
110.58 €
93.95 €
Modern table light
252.54 €
201.90 €
Modern table lamp
187.88 €
158.91 €
Modern table lamp
191.54 €
161.89 €
Table lamp with junction
485.56 €
402.91 €
12 LED chandelier
1,478.90 €
Modern wall lamp with square lampshade
122.60 €
91.95 €
Wall light with double light emission
208.32 €
155.90 €
Bedroom wall light with textile lampshade
108.52 €
91.95 €
Design chandelier
1,175.90 €
Table lamp with junction
398.94 €
330.90 €
Wall lamp for the bedroom with arm
158.03 €
117.90 €
Wall lamp for the bedroom with arm
153.78 €
114.90 €
12 lights chandelier
1,478.90 €
Applique for the bedroom
170.04 €
126.90 €
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Large selection of study lamps

A good lighting in a studio contributes to the visual well-being of those who work there, but it is also useful for creating a pleasant space for those who access the interior of this room and who must perceive a feeling of welcome.
Surely in a self-respecting studio, you can not miss the classic desk lamp to provide the right light for reading and writing.
Light Shopping offers you a large catalogue of lamps for studio lighting. Firstly, the ceiling lamps are ideal for obtaining a diffused central light that can illuminate the whole room well.
As for the workstation, you will find many desk lamps, many with adjustable arms, so you can direct the light to your liking, as well as numerous floor lamps and wall lamps if you need to have clear the floor of the desk.

Search among our study lamps the one that best suits your needs. If you need more information, you can contact our customer service.


Lamps for studies: the right combination of natural and artificial light

The study intended as a home office or as a place to consult documents, do research, read or do any work, needs quality lighting to ensure a high level of concentration and a comfortable environment for your well-being especially if you spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen. Eye strain, due to an increasing use of computers, is one of the most frequent problems. Visual fatigue can also derive from a bad disposition of light sources. It is very important that the lighting of this environment is designed in an optimal way to minimise the risks of eye problems.
First of all, for a correct lighting design for the studio, it is important to obtain the right combination of natural light and artificial light. If your studio has large windows that help to let light into the room, take advantage of this aspect and integrate it with an artificial light source only where it is needed.
Table lamps or floor lamps suitable to be placed next to your desk are very useful for this purpose. They are very practical because they are equipped with adjustable diffusers and dimmers for modulating light at your discretion.

Types of lamps for studio lighting

For this type of working environment, the types of lamps to choose from are various. Ceiling lamps with diffused light are recommended to adequately illuminate the entire room or the LED profiles, available in various shapes and sizes according to need.
A swivelling desk lamp is perfect for the workstation so you can direct the luminous flux where you prefer. Many lamps can also be attached directly to the desk or wall using special pliers to maximise the space available. Finally, we would like to recommend LED lamps for the quality and intensity of light.
The colour rendering of studio lamps must be greater than 90 to increase the visual well-being. This value indicates the ability of a source to faithfully restore colours.
Another aspect that should not be underestimated is the colour temperature. A colour tone of light between 3000k and 4000k is sufficient to ensure maximum visual comfort and the right concentration for the performance of activities within your working space.

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