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Applique for bathroom

Translucent wall light
323.30 €
Ceiling and wall light for bathroom
145.18 €
Circle lamp for wall or ceiling
481.90 €
384.90 €
Wall light and ceiling light
145.00 €
129.91 €
Small wall light for bathroom
414.80 €
351.90 €
Small wall light for bathroom
280.60 €
237.90 €
Wall light for bathroom
549.00 €
465.91 €
Ceiling and wall light for bathroom
610.00 €
517.90 €
Large linear wall lamp
584.38 €
466.89 €
Wall light with indirect light
496.54 €
396.90 €
Outdoor wall light
317.11 €
236.90 €
Wall lamp for external facades
220.97 €
164.90 €
Linear applique
630.00 €
566.90 €
Aluminium wall light
457.50 €
387.90 €
Large linear wall lamp
579.50 €
491.90 €
Wall light with light directable
603.90 €
512.90 €
Directable wall light
317.20 €
268.90 €
Rectangular shapedr ceiling and wall light small
248.00 €
Medium linear lamp
180.00 €
Circle wall light and ceiling light
116.16 €
86.95 €
Wall lamp directable
325.00 €
LED wall light
284.26 €
254.89 €
Adjustable modern wall light
190.32 €
170.90 €
LED wall lamp with plexiglass diffuser
214.72 €
192.89 €
Wall lamp for mirror
243.24 €
194.59 €
Wall light double emission
364.78 €
290.90 €
LED wall/ceiling lamp
386.00 €
Rectangular shaped ceiling and wall light medium
320.00 €
Circle wall light and ceiling light
83.00 €
Design wall light
132.98 €
105.90 €
Design wall light
193.00 €
Contemporary wall light
262.00 €
Design wall light
178.12 €
141.90 €
Design wall light
252.00 €
Wall or ceiling full light
390.00 €
Contemporary wall light
308.00 €
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Bathroom wall lights: essential light points


Bathroom wall lamp: essential light points

Bathroom lighting is of particular importance to guarantee the right light while activities dedicated to personal care are carried out. The bathroom wall lamps are furnishing accessories that allow you to effectively illuminate the space in the bathroom. They also allow you to furnish it thanks to the variety of materials, finishes and shapes available. There are bathroom applique models with a modern design that fit perfectly both in a traditional furnishing style and in a contemporary furnishing style. All this thanks to the minimal lines and chromed materials.


The general rule is to respect the right balance so as not to risk getting too dark or too bright a space. It is often not possible to have natural light in every bathroom, because it has no windows or because it is too small. Therefore it is necessary to integrate the lighting with carefully selected and positioned artificial lights.


If your bathroom is anonymous and you want to customize it, choose two important wall lamps. You could place them on the sides of the mirror high enough to light up the sink. This allows you to mirror yourself without annoying reflections. Or you could choose a model to place directly on the mirror.


Depending on your personal tastes, you can opt for more classic bathroom lamps or prefer more aggressive models. For an optimal effect, you can combine the design of bathroom wall lamps with the style of bathroom fixtures and fittings. The colors chosen for the walls and furnishings also play an essential role. As they contribute to the definition of the character of this space and can facilitate the diffusion or absorption of light.


Improve the bathroom mirror lighting with wall lamps

 The bathroom is the room dedicated to the care of our look and being able to count on a correct lighting allows you to complete the daily actions with greater precision and effectiveness.


The solution to have only one light point in the bathroom is to avoid. For a correct lighting in the bathroom is important provide a good general lighting from the top of the ceiling that has to be associated with a series of solutions intended for some focal points, such as the bathroom mirror. In fact, focal points of the bathroom are the sink and the mirror, that deserve dedicated lighting.

Lighting the mirror correctly is one of the important steps. Ensures that those who use the bathroom every day can work quickly in a space that is both functional and pleasant.


Bathroom wall lights are essential design objects to distribute the light evenly. In particular, the presence of wall lamps is necessary around the mirror above the sink, where it is important to have a clear and intense light. In this area you can install the appliqués on the side of the mirror that soften shadows, such as the Lass and Privè models.


Alternatively, the wall lights can be placed along the upper edge of the bathroom mirror. If the mirror and the piece of furniture are large enough, it is better to opt for the rectangular wall lights such as the Solid and Skinny models, for example.

Furthermore you can choose the color temperature of the light being available in warm, natural or cold shades. Another very important element to consider when lighting the bathroom is the IP insulation class. It must be adapted to a humid environment such as the bathroom.

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