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Applique: the new way to illuminate with style

Classic wall lamp
107.36 €
84.95 €
Wall light with sphere diffusor
169.58 €
Wall light with metal diffusor directable
90.28 €
LED wall lamp
143.96 €
Adjustable modern wall light
287.92 €
229.90 €
Wall light with metal diffusor directable
475.00 €
Classic wall lamp
298.90 €
253.89 €
Wall light adjustable
178.12 €
White glass wall light
92.72 €
Cubic applique
52.46 €
Wall light or ceiling light
268.40 €
200.90 €
Modern wall lamp with two lights
274.50 €
232.90 €
Wall lamp with 4 lights
402.60 €
341.91 €
Large round design wall and ceiling lamp
112.24 €
Design wall light
175.68 €
Small round design wall and ceiling lamp
84.18 €
Metal tube wall light
225.70 €
190.91 €
Wall light with double diffusor
335.50 €
284.89 €
Classic double wall light
169.58 €
Minimal wall light
76.86 €
Wall light minimal style
102.48 €
Wall light with indirect light
475.80 €
403.91 €
Adjustable design wall lamp
378.20 €
320.90 €
indirect emission wall light
359.90 €
305.90 €
Linear applique
106.14 €
Wall light with arm directable
439.20 €
372.91 €
Contemporary wall light cube
47.58 €
Modern design wall and ceiling lamp
398.94 €
378.99 €
Classic modern wall lamp
78.08 €
Wall light
578.89 €
549.95 €
Contemporary wall light with double light emission
47.58 €
Cubic applique
47.58 €
Circular shape design wall and ceiling lamp
59.78 €
Wall light double emission
70.76 €
Classic modern wall lamp
81.74 €
Wall light adjustable
494.10 €
419.90 €
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Large selection of wall lights to light up the house

Since the past wall lamps have been an integral part of the lighting of a room, combined with the majestic chandeliers, they gave the room an elegant appearance, enriching it more.

Today it is even more so! We have the possibility to choose from a much wider selection of wall lamps. Thanks to the ever-evolving design and new technologies, the applique is no longer an object to be considered combined with the suspended chandelier.

The wall light lives its own life, becoming a fundamental complement to a studied lighting.

Here we offer a wide range of wall lamps to meet any lighting and style requirement.



Wall lamp: why you should choose the wall lighting

The choice of a wall lamp is a fun occasion to play with style: the new trends tell us that it is possible to dare opting for a wall lamp completely different from the surrounding environment, in order to create a desired contrast. What makes this current even more interesting is the opportunity to give a different touch at a low price, in fact, a wall light is on average cheaper than a chandelier from the same collection.


A wall lamp is certainly suitable to illuminate corridors and corners, but in the same way it is also suitable for every environments. For this reason, we can help you choose the one that suits you best in terms of light emission, allowing you to adequately illuminate the desired spaces. Many models have been developed with a bi-emission system, spreading the light differently upwards and downwards and allowing to create particular optical effects.


The wall lamps are no longer simple and classic, they surprise us with original shapes, studied in every detail to strike the eye and become the center of interest in a room. Often they are equipped with a movable arm to direct the light at will and, if placed on a bedside table, enrich the bedroom and transform itself into reading lamps.

Let's not forget the outdoor wall lamps, absolute protagonists of the lighting of terraces and verandas. In this page you can easily filter the applique by style, choosing the one that suits you best.


Wall lamps for every room of the house: corridor, entrance, living room, bedroom and bathroom

The choice of wall lamps depends above all on the environments in which they are to be inserted. The light of the wall lamps in fact animates the environment, enhances certain areas or certain objects and adorns the rooms. Wall lamps are excellent light sources to illuminate particularly dark areas. Such as the stairs, corridors and especially the entrance to which the right importance is never given with regard to the light.

It would be necessary instead to dedicate a welcoming and ambient light to the entrance, using wall lamps to give brightness and a pleasant first visual impact. The corridor is usually narrow, dark and not very hospitable, since it is considered a place of passage and is often overlooked in lighting and furnishings.


Wall lamps are the most practical and effective solution to best illuminate a corridor, making it immediately look more stylish.

In the living area you can have more fun mixing different points of light, to illuminate any corner in a timely manner. If the living room is large enough, the ideal is to combine several light sources. For example, a wall light next to the sofa to create a relaxation area and a beautiful hanging lamp above the table for the dining area.


In the bedroom, the wall lamps can be used instead of the bedside lampshades. The advantage is not to occupy the support surface, since they are applied next to the bed, being able to opt also for models with articulated arms or with classic lampshades. For example, the Book wall lamp with reading light by Ideal Lux is very practical. It is equipped with a shelf to hold objects such as glasses or the book we are reading and a USB port to recharge the mobile phone.

In the bathroom the main function of the wall lamps is to illuminate the mirror. There are several, even very cheap, ones that allow you to save money without sacrificing style and aesthetics.


Design wall lamp to furnish the rooms with style

The modern wall lamps have nothing in common with the old ones, anonymous and without any taste. Today, there are many models able to satisfy every necessity, suitable for every type of home and designed with particular attention to details.

Design wall lamps are not only tools for lighting spaces, but real pieces of furniture, which stand out for their shape and beauty. There are wall lamps with different styles, from modern wall lamps for environments that reflect this style to those with vintage finishes or classic wall lamps rich in decorative inserts. The minimal, discreet and essential wall lights are also very popular.


Double emission wall lamp for an effect lighting

Wall lamps are designed to offer direct, indirect or soft lighting. Wall lights with direct lighting aim the light beam directly on the object that should be illuminated, thanks to the shade that can be adjusted.

To achieve indirect lighting, on the other hand, you can opt for wall lamps with a screen that masks the light source and attenuates the light. The wall lamps with LED light are usually with double light emission and guarantee a diffused and distributed light both upwards and downwards to create interesting lighting effects on the wall.

High quality LED wall lamps

The LED wall lights are often characterised by a minimal design that makes them easily adaptable to any living environment. They are very functional and provide a large amount of light with reduced consumption thanks to modern LED bulbs. The popularity of wall lamps with LED light depends on the evolution of interior design, which has become increasingly sought after.


The wall lamps with LED lightallow you to create neat spaces, able to give an extra edge to your furniture. We offer you here a wide selection of wall lamps by the best lighting brands and of the best quality at affordable prices.
Browse our online catalogue. You can select the features you desire using the filters section and buy your lamp comfortably online, receiving it at home in just few days!

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