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Sikrea wall lamps

Wall light with sphere diffusor
186.66 €
Wall light with metal diffusor directable
104.92 €
White glass wall light
92.72 €
Large round design wall and ceiling lamp
132.98 €
Small round design wall and ceiling lamp
96.38 €
Classic double wall light
169.58 €
Minimal wall light
95.16 €
Wall light minimal style
103.70 €
Design wall light
206.18 €
Linear applique
106.14 €
Classic modern wall lamp
80.52 €
Circular shape design wall and ceiling lamp
68.32 €
Wall light double emission
78.08 €
Classic modern wall lamp
102.48 €
Modern wall light or ceiling light
226.92 €
Large modern wall light
132.98 €
Small modern wall light
98.82 €
Modern LED wall lamp
193.98 €
Design wall/ceiling lamp with LED light
181.78 €
Wall light with textile lampshade
197.64 €
LED wall/ceiling lamp
312.32 €
Wall light minimal style
120.78 €
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Wall light essential line
84.18 €
Contemporary wall light cube
80.52 €
Modern LED wall lamp
91.50 €
Classic wall light with glass and plate glass
217.16 €
LED wall / ceiling lamp
107.36 €
Wall or ceiling lamp minimal style
193.98 €
Modern design wall and ceiling lamp
193.98 €
Two light wall light
159.82 €
Contemporary wall light
114.68 €
Modern wall light with double emission
153.72 €
Modern wall light or ceiling light
108.58 €
Modern wall lamp with two lights
145.18 €
Wall light with metal diffusor directable
59.78 €
Wall light with acrylic diffusor
113.46 €
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Wall lamps for all spaces

Sikrea wall lamps have a modern, very classic look and therefore translated into an elegant and contemporary design, very functional, with soft and diffused or direct and intense light, depending on the model. These wall lamps are suitable for different rooms in the house such as the kitchen, bedroom, living room or hallway.


The main characteristics of the Sikrea wall lamps that can be highlighted concern:


the diffusers, available in various forms. You can opt for linear, square, round geometries, or in the shape of a cone or cylinder, with one or two light points.

durable materials, the main ones used for their realization are metal, acrylic and glass;

color finishes, gold, brown, matt black and matt white are often proposed;

sizes, are in fact available in various sizes, in order to choose the most suitable lamps based on the size and characteristics of the room.


Indoor wall lamps between modernity and classicism

Regarding style, the proposals of the Sikrea brand are numerous as well. For the sleeping area we suggest the Avana bedroom wall lights or the extremely feminine and pretty crystalline Elisabeth wall lights, add elegance and refinement to the environment.

For a modern living room we offer the Link 2, Elia or Clara, Linear, Clip living room wall lamps, with a very modern and versatile look. If, on the other hand, your furniture tends more to the industrial style, the Vienna wall lamp with adjustable diffuser made of metal with brass and matt black finish can be the choice on which to focus as well the Milla industrial wall lamp. But you can also find wall lights for the corridor and wall lights for stairs such as Riga, Seven and Unica.

For any information about our wall lamps, you can ask our customer service for advice. Find qualified personnel ready to advise you on the right lamp.

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