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Floor lamps for indoors and outdoors

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Lighting the house thanks to floor lamps

Floor lamps suitable for both the internal spaces of the house and the external ones such as terraces and verandas. Light Shopping is available a wide selection of floor lamps made of many materials, such as aluminum, wood, polycarbonate and steel. You can find many styles, from classic to the most modern and innovative, perfect for all needs. Discover all the advantages of buying your lamps on Light Shopping: cutstom made quotations, prompt delivery, customer support and much more.


Floor lamps for localised lighting

A good illumination of the house has assumed a central role in our daily life, whether it be the kitchen or bedroom, or any other domestic space. Adequate interior lighting makes it possible to brighten up the rooms, but also to furnish them with taste. If chosen carefully, the luminaires can enhance specific corners of the house. One of these lamps is certainly the floor lamp.
In rooms like living rooms or bedrooms it necessary to have more light. A design floor lamp can perform this task in an optimal way, making the room more functional without the need to change the electrical system. It just needs the presence of a socket. It also gives style to furnishings and makes it welcoming.
The footprint of a floor lamp is very small, but you have to pay attention to the dimensions. For example, in a large room, it is ideal to place a large floor lamp, as a small one would not even notice.
In general, a floor lamp should have a solid structure with lampshade pointing upwards to obtain a powerful and diffused light if it is used as the only source of illumination in the room. On the other hand, to illuminate a specific area, it is better to choose a floor lamp with an adjustable arm and a shade to direct the light downwards.

Design floor lamps for every environment

Floor lamps have the ability to spread and direct the light on a precise area of the room. For this reason, they are very useful for furnishing areas where certain activities take place. Floor lamps are a valid alternative to table lamps in the living room or in the study. Not only can you enjoy greater visual comfort for reading a book, doing computer work, paying bills, but you will also have your own space enriched by the particular design you have chosen.
Among the most beautiful design proposals are the floor lamps Tolomeo, Demetra, Yanzi by Artemide characterised by a modern style, clean and sober lines. Artemide is a lighting brand that produces exclusive products, synonymous with Made in Italy and innovation. Artemide lamps are timeless. This is the case of the table lamp Tolomeo, presented in several versions, including a floor lamp.
If you adore the particular shapes and colours we suggest Cyrcus, Tank1 and Flower Lavagna the design floor lamps proposed by the brand In-es.artdesign, perfect to bring a lively note to spaces without character. The more unusual the design, the greater the level of originality conferred on the environment. Without a doubt, the In-es.artdesign floor lamps are a perfect sight for your room.
The floor lamps stands out not only for their design but also because they feature LED technology and low power consumption, such as, for example, the LED floor lamps Halo and Flex by Faro Barcelona, Lama and Xilema by Ma&De, Tolomeo and Demetra by Artemide. As true furnishing elements, the floor lamps enhance the environment of your home. Choose your favourite by browsing our online catalogue and buy it from the comfort of your home in a few clicks!

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