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Spotlights: wide range of the best brands

Outdoor lamp
573.40 €
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Outdoor wall light
585.60 €
526.91 €
353.80 €
317.90 €
Basic spotlight
908.90 €
817.90 €
Basic spotlight
567.30 €
509.90 €
384.30 €
344.89 €
Outdoor modern applique
780.80 €
701.90 €
Spotlight directable
364.78 €
309.90 €
Walkable recessed spotlight
486.48 €
389.18 €
Walkable recessed spotlight
431.12 €
322.90 €
Outdoor lamp
347.70 €
312.91 €
Outdoor wall, ceiling, floor lamps
2,000.80 €
1,799.90 €
408.70 €
366.90 €
Outdoor projector
1,073.60 €
965.90 €
Ceiling spotlight
87.84 €
69.95 €
Recessed spotlight
134.20 €
119.90 €
Walkable recessed spotlight
97.56 €
82.95 €
Walkable recessed spotlight
168.29 €
125.90 €
Outdoor recessed spotlight
409.71 €
306.90 €
Recessed spotlight directable
305.92 €
228.90 €
Adjustable walkable outdoor spotlight
348.32 €
260.90 €
Adjustable walkable outdoor spotlight
530.43 €
396.90 €
Outdoor recessed spotlight
263.91 €
197.90 €
Walkable recessed spotlight
151.99 €
113.90 €
Recessed spotlight
109.80 €
97.95 €
Recessed spotlight
44.36 €
41.96 €
Recessed spotlight
213.50 €
191.91 €
Recessed spotlight
195.20 €
174.90 €
Marker spotlight
292.80 €
262.90 €
Ceiling spotlight directable
66.83 €
55.95 €
Round downlight spotlight
179.00 €
Bollard for outdoors
725.90 €
652.90 €
Led spotlight
67.10 €
53.68 €
Spotlight one light
75.49 €
60.39 €
Ceiling spotlight
41.94 €
33.55 €
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Indoor wall spotlights and outdoor spotlights, the differences

How many times does it happen that we want a certain product but then we discover that it is not suitable for the environment in which we would like to place it? To remove the doubts, let's try to understand which are the best outdoor and indoor LED spotlights. First of all, let's start with the features. Inside a home, indoor wall spotlights are suitable for placing in all rooms, but they can never be used as outdoor spotlights because they would be damaged during the first rain. So how to buy outdoor spotlights? Everything is in the IP protection index. This indicates the protection level of outdoor spotlights in contact with water or against accidental or intentional contact with materials or human contact. The first digit of the degree of protection indicates the resistance through contact with solid bodies, while the second indicates the protection against liquids. Let's see the most common degrees of protection:

- IP20: gives protection up to solid bodies greater than 12 mm. It does not protect against the penetration of liquids. Furthermore, this degree must not allow the penetration of solid bodies.

- IP44: protects against solid bodies larger than 1mm. Protects against dripping or splashing liquids.

- IP68: allows total protection from solid bodies and can be immersed in water up to a depth of one meter.

This latest IP grade represents the solution for the best outdoor LED spotlights.


Modern indoor spotlights and outdoor spotlights

Finishes and colors

The Light Shopping catalog offers a very wide range of modern spotlights for interiors and exteriors. Let's find out the best solutions. The colors that convey modernity and essentiality are certainly black and white. So why not choose black ceiling spotlights or white ceiling spotlights for your home? In this case you can choose whether to create a sight / blind situation with the interior color (white ceiling spotlights) or recreate color contrasts with a white ceiling and black ceiling spotlights.

Shapes and geometries

Among the most sought after and requested shapes we see the square ceiling spotlights, rectangular LED spotlights, cubic spotlights and cylindrical ceiling spotlights. Which are the best to choose from? Here, indicatively, you choose based on your personal taste. If you want to use a series of square ceiling spotlights in the case of minimal furniture or cylindrical ceiling spotlights if you want to illuminate a certain element of the room, perhaps enhancing a particular painting or furniture. The square LED ceiling spotlights represent a more linear and dynamic geometry. The rectangular LED spotlights, on the other hand, can be used as a path marker in a hall of the house, in a corridor or in a staircase that requires scenographic light points. Rectangular LED spotlights ideal for this type of lighting are Dart by Faro Outdoor for outdoors or Febe by Ideal Lux. The cubic spotlights, on the other hand, are ideal for recreating a three-dimensional light point to illuminate a kitchen island or a modern walk-in closet. Among the cubic spotlights in our extensive catalog we mention the very modern and minimal Ideal Lux collection.


Styles of modern indoor spotlights and outdoor spotlights

Shabby style spotlights

Choosing shabby-style spotlights leads to a decor with romantic and soft tones, with a homogeneous and soft light diffusion, ideal for furnishing and decorating both bedrooms or living areas. The shabby-style spotlights are represented by the use of used materials and a slightly retro style, favoring wood and its shades.

Industrial style spotlights

The industrial style, on the other hand, speaks of a more modern and less decorated mood. Industrial style spotlights prefer mechanical shapes with dark-toned structures. The lampshades can be of different shapes and sizes, to match the type of environment in which they are placed. The industrial style spotlights respect a style of the typical American industries of the 70s.

Modern LED spotlights

The modern style, on the other hand, represents the most popular and sought-after type of furniture in recent periods. Modern LED spotlights blend aesthetics, functionality and energy saving. Modern LED spotlights are suitable for any type of room in the house, both as a living area but also as a modern bathroom.

Vintage recessed spotlights

The vintage recessed spotlights represent a style where the privileged materials pass from metals such as bronze or aged iron. The vintage recessed spotlights can be used for a scenographic outdoor driveway or for a themed room. A series of items available is the Marina from Il Fanale collection.


Modern indoor spotlights: solutions for all rooms

Each room has its own spotlight. Now let's discover all the possibilities that each room has for modern and original lighting.

Spotlights for bedroom

A very romantic and original solution for the little ones could be to use ceiling spotlights for bedroom, to recreate a real starry night sky. This will leave room for the imagination of the little ones!

Spotlights for living room

To illuminate the living room could be the solution of the spotlights for the living room. This type of lighting in the room gives the possibility to recreate unique and original scenographic atmospheres. The spotlights for the living room represent sophisticated and singular modern lighting.

LED corridor spotlights

Lighting up the darkest area of ​​the house can seem like a difficult job. But is not so! With LED corridor spotlights you can recreate a welcoming environment with a soft light, able to welcome guests.

Ground spotlights

These small points of light could be ideal for outdoor lighting, suitable for an lane pathway or to illuminate the perimeter of the house. The floor spotlights can be available in different sizes: from the largest to the smallest.

Wall spotlights

Wall spotlights can illuminate a long and narrow corridor or a particular wall. They become the scenographic light point that highlights a specific object or area.

Ceiling spotlights

The most classic of the types of lighting are ceiling spotlights. They can include many types of lights, from recessed lights to those with an external light body. Ceiling spotlights are recommended for any type of room, from the bedroom to the bathroom, up to the living area and kitchen. For the kitchen, recessed spotlights are indicated that illuminate the perimeter of the furnishings. The recessed spotlights for the kitchen are available in many shapes and finishes, to satisfy every style need. Discover the wide range of ceiling spotlights in the vast Light Shopping catalog!


What is the best type of lighting for spotlights?

LED spotlights! There are different types of LED spotlights: directional LED spotlights, LED wall spotlights, dimmable LED spotlights. For every need its own lighting! The directional LED spotlights are ideal for those environments where it is necessary to shift the direction of the light, the dimmable LED spotlights to increase or decrease their intensity as needed and finally the LED wall spotlights useful for every situation.

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