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Chandelier two elements
274.50 €
232.90 €
Big round chandelier
483.12 €
409.90 €
Design chandelier
339.16 €
287.90 €
Glass chandelier
1,670.00 €
1,502.91 €
Suspension in brass
231.80 €
189.91 €
Chandelier one ring dimmabel
237.90 €
Design chandelier with blown glass diffuser
366.00 €
310.90 €
Glamorous suspension
570.96 €
Design suspension
473.36 €
401.90 €
Cone shaped chandelier
117.43 €
93.94 €
Small domed chandelier
387.96 €
Elegant chandelier six arms
1,150.46 €
Circular suspension LED
1,425.00 €
1,281.90 €
Classic chandelier with eight lights
1,438.38 €
Cylinder chandelier
207.40 €
169.90 €
Chandelier with crystal
1,850.74 €
Modern chandelier
380.01 €
341.91 €
Design chandelier
1,370.00 €
1,232.90 €
Chandelier colourful
380.01 €
341.91 €
Design lamp combinable
625.01 €
561.90 €
Glass design chandelier
1,100.00 €
989.90 €
Conical chandelier
506.30 €
404.91 €
Refined chandelier
1,730.00 €
Modern chandelier
988.20 €
809.90 €
Modern chandelier with five lights
1,990.00 €
1,790.90 €
Metal chandelier
167.75 €
134.20 €
Classic chandelier ten arms
1,156.56 €
Colouful chandelier
1,125.00 €
1,011.90 €
Chandelier fifteen light
1,629.92 €
Design chandelier
2,089.99 €
1,880.90 €
Contemporary style chandelier
1,385.01 €
1,245.90 €
Modern chandelier
845.00 €
759.90 €
Metal chandelier with glass slab
401.38 €
Design chandelier
1,820.00 €
1,637.90 €
Big round chandelier
1,677.50 €
Chandelier classic
242.00 €
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Wide range of chandeliers to make your home unique

Since ancient times the chandelier was considered a prominent element in a room, initially formed by arms and candles, was the essence of elegance and grandeur. Over the centuries it has seen its shape and its composition change several times, passing through different styles and increasingly innovative materials.

Even today, entering a room, often what strikes our attention is the light, how it spreads and what sensations it transmits to us.

A chandelier placed above the dining table is almost a symbol of conviviality, around which people gather to eat or simply to have a chat. This is why it is essential to choose the suspension lamp that best suits the environment, in terms of styles, shapes and dimensions.

Below we offer the complete list of chandeliers available on Light Shopping, many models that you can filter according to your needs by choosing the brand, style and many other features.

Chandelier or pendant lamp?

If you are looking for a chandelier for lighting your home, you can often find items called hanging lamps. Don't worry, we're talking about the exact same object, so called to distinguish it from the lamps attached directly to the ceiling, the ceiling lamps.

Not only classic pendant lamps

The concept of lighting has changed through the years. The antique chandeliers that marked the history of illumination are now placed side by side with pendant lamps characterised by different shapes, sometimes very eccentric and original.

Classic chandeliers are renewed, with an unusual finish and bright colours. Some of the top brands in the light industry have followed a completely different style from the traditional concept of pendant lamps, creating innovative lights of design, able to astonish. Other brands chose to work on the classic shapes of traditional chandeliers, proposing a wide range of vintage, retro and industrial pendant lamps.

Pendant lamps to light every space

In the Light Shopping catalogue are available lots of pendant lamps designed for the lighting of different spaces, like houses, workplaces, shops and hotels.

In our selection you will find chandeliers for the kitchen and suspension lamps for the bedroom. Pendant lamps ideal for both the living area and that night.

The new trends in design no longer see only the classic metal hemisphere or blown glass lampshade. The latest fashions have led to the creation of more imaginative diffusers, with unusual shapes and combining classic materials with more original ones such as rope, wood or innovative and patented materials.

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