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Shabby chandeliers from the Provencal style

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Chandelier minimal style
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Chandelier classic
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Metal chandelier with twelve light
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Shabby chic chandelier
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Shabby chic chandelier
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Shabby chic chandelier
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Bloe glass chandelier
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Shabby chic chandeliers for romantic atmospheres

Shabby Chic chandelier for romantic atmospheres

Shabby chic chandelier? The style of these pendant lamps preserves a beauty that recounts a bygone age, in which the houses are recounted with inlaid wood furniture, wrought-iron beds, upholstered sofas, curtains with lace and curtains, crystal chandeliers and the atmosphere you breathe, it was romantic.

The Shabby chic chandeliers, which have recovered from the design of the past, give the living room a unique touch. Real furnishings give the rooms a special charm. A Shabby Chic chandelier has a very important role and a strong decorative power in environments such as the kitchen, the living area or the Shabby inspired bedroom.

The shabby chic style is characterized by a romantic shabby chic and vintage look, which creates a dreamy atmosphere in every room of the house. The lighting also follows this mood.

Shabby Chic chandeliers are characterized by fabric lampshades and soft shades such as white, cream, antique pink, beige, white, which are decorated with hanging crystals. Soft lines of the Shabby chandelier arms give the home a unique elegance. This beautiful, enlightened piece of furniture does not abandon tradition, but in some cases is reworked in a modern way.

Country chic chandeliers are the perfect accessory to bring the charm of charming Provencal homes halfway between classic and rustic to your home.

Relax in the Provencal style with Shabby chic chandeliers

Furnishings and lighting must be selected according to personal taste, to make the day at home pleasant. For those with a romantic soul, the Shabby chic style with vintage accents offers the right harmony to accompany everyday life.

Shabby Chic is a style that requires a choice of bespoke chandeliers, a chandelier, and typical English cottages or Provencal houses. Yes, because the must-have for lovers of the genre is a candelabra chandelier with metal or wooden arms and fabric lampshades in ivory, white, cream, antique pink and straw yellow.

A Shabby chic chandelier distorts every space, from the kitchen to the bedroom, with a retro romance that envelops the atmosphere of sophisticated elegance. In fact, the rustic country style Shabby Chic is neglected only in appearance and transforms the defect into the most chic aspect of the furniture.

The Ideal Lux brand offers them in a modern way. No less elegant, to give a furnishing solution that will conquer not only lovers of the genre. Along with other components such as wall lights and table lamps of the same style.

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