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Chandeliers for bedroom

Modern chandelier with blow glass diffusor
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Chandelier for drywall
640.00 €
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Candelabra shape chandelier
947.79 €
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Refined chandelier
1,780.00 €
Chandelier 16 lights
2,890.00 €
Design chandelier
530.00 €
Chandelier small
124.48 €
92.95 €
Chandelier with three elements
1,400.00 €
Medium design chandelier
220.22 €
164.90 €
suspension lamp with woven diffuser
267.00 €
199.90 €
Medium design chandelier
208.82 €
155.90 €
suspension lamp with woven diffuser
255.52 €
190.91 €
Chandelier colourful
85.16 €
67.95 €
One light suspension with decentralized attachment
254.04 €
189.91 €
Cylinder chandelier
248.14 €
185.90 €
Big round chandelier
362.88 €
271.90 €
Minimal chandelier
142.57 €
113.90 €
Chandelier with sphere diffusor
343.89 €
275.11 €
Spherical chandelier
243.24 €
194.59 €
Large spherical design chandelier
322.92 €
257.90 €
Conical chandelier
116.08 €
86.95 €
Design chandelier
196.55 €
156.90 €
Chandelier with leather lampshade
128.16 €
95.95 €
Chandelier with leather lampshade
128.16 €
95.95 €
Design chandelier
625.00 €
Chandelier with crystal
1,342.00 €
1,073.60 €
Chandelier with leaf light element
690.00 €
Design chandelier
625.00 €
Leaf shaped chandelier
515.00 €
Leaf shaped chandelier dimmabel
660.00 €
Chandelier for drywall
495.00 €
Design chandelier
1,281.00 €
1,023.90 €
Design chandelier
595.00 €
Table lamp with circle diffuser
159.37 €
127.50 €
Design chandelier
219.28 €
174.90 €
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How to design lighting in the bedroom


How you can design the lighting in your bedroom

The bedroom is the area of ​​the house dedicated to rest and relaxation. This is why bedroom chandeliers play a fundamental role.

In this environment it is useful to create a relaxing atmosphere. It should always be kept in mind that lighting also has a significant influence on mood. Therefore it is important to choose the right chandelier trying to stay in line with the style of the room and above all it is necessary to use a soft light capable of making the atmosphere pleasant.

Bedroom lighting is mainly used during the evening hours, but there are many other activities that can be done and that require light. The choice of the right bedroom chandelier depends not only on the style of the room but also on the size of the room. From the height of the ceiling to the position of the windows and the arrangement of the furniture.

On Light Shopping you will find numerous proposals that can satisfy various needs both in terms of style and in terms of functionality. For example, many models are equipped with dimmers, a device that allows you to adjust the light intensity and create the type of lighting you want. The electrical cables are adjustable to adapt them to the ceiling height of your bedroom. Furthermore, the modern bedroom chandeliers are based on the latest energy-saving technology, with high-power LED lamps.

We have already said that bedroom lighting should be suffused to create a relaxing atmosphere. So the ideal solution is indirect light. For this reason you can opt for chandeliers with glass diffusers that skim the light of the light source that is inside.


Chandeliers for bedroom: create the atmosphere you desire

The bedroom lighting design truly offers an enormous choice of possibilities in terms of styles and aesthetics.

If your bedroom is very large, you can play with your creativity by inserting generous-sized bedroom chandeliers. If you decide to install a monumental chandelier and out of the ordinary you will give a lot of personality to your bedroom. Also fundamental is the color that should recall the nuances of the room to give continuity to the furniture.

However, there are exceptions that include the insertion of chandeliers specifically in contrast with the rest of the furniture to create a mixture of original styles.

If your bedroom is modern, you can choose a contemporary model that revisits traditional lines. If you want to give your bedroom a glamorous look you can opt for a chandelier with decorative crystal elements. In this case, the bedroom chandelier gives an elegant and chic aesthetic. The shapes of bedroom chandeliers are many. From chandelier chandeliers to chandeliers with a spherical diffuser. More or less modern and original according to taste, so that even the simplest bedroom, with an innovative and original lighting can take on a completely different look.

The latest trend in bedroom lighting is the use of small chandeliers used at the sides of the bed instead of bedside lamps. The chandeliers thus perform the function of lampshades, they are usually small with a long cable adjustable in height to arrange them just above the surface of the bedside table. They contribute to giving importance to the headboard of the bed, making it the protagonist of the room. Examples are the Side, Mine, Squash bedroom chandeliers. Thanks to these suspension lamps your bedroom will enjoy an ultra modern, innovative and original design.


Bedrooms chandeliers suitable for every style

Light Shopping offers various solutions to illuminate the bedroom with originality.

Among the various bedroom chandeliers presented here, many can be defined design works. An example of this is the Diphy design chandelier which, inspired by the characteristics of the Asian flower Diphylleya Gray, whose petals become transparent when in contact with water, re-proposes the transparent effect thanks to the PMMA diffuser. In fact, when the chandelier is off it becomes completely transparent, while when it is lit the leaf-shaped diffuser lights up to spread a soft light throughout the room. This is an elegant choice that can give a great scenic effect to your bedroom.

The LED light is adjustable thanks to the dimmer with which you can create the relaxing and comfortable environment you want. The Kyklos chandeliers are instead characterized by the ring-shaped diffuser that projects the light against the ceiling wall for a very suggestive lighting effect.

These chandeliers for bedrooms have elegant, light and delicate finishes, seem to dance in the air, and infuse a delicate light into the environment. Hinomaru chandeliers with an ultra-modern design are appreciated for their glossy finishes and opal PMMA diffuser. It diffuses a warm white nuanced light perfect for the lighting of bedrooms furnished in a modern style.

If the style of your room is classic or classic modern, you can opt for the Hotel, Saba, Seven, Aina chandeliers from the Faro Barcellona brand. The sober and romantic design gives a welcoming feeling that is often felt when one is a guest in a hotel. The discreet light of the Iceglobe and Sumo chandeliers proposed by Lumen Center is perfect to rest the mind and body, creating an intimate and cozy environment.

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