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Bedroom ceiling lamps

Wall light with textile lampshade
567.30 €
509.90 €
Ceiling light with glass diffusor
2,501.00 €
Round design wall and ceiling lamp
3,269.60 €
Large round design wall and ceiling lamp
481.90 €
Ceiling light two glasses
807.90 €
Small round design wall and ceiling lamp
347.70 €
Spherical applique/ceiling lamp
445.30 €
399.90 €
Spherical applique/ceiling lamp
597.80 €
537.90 €
Design ceiling light
1,018.70 €
915.90 €
Design ceiling light
824.90 €
Medium round ceiling light
155.90 €
Small round ceiling light
129.91 €
Ceramic ceiling lamp
211.90 €
Vintage ceiling lamp
180.90 €
Minimal wall light
605.90 €
Brass wall light
438.03 €
371.90 €
Wall lamp/ceiling light in white glass
330.90 €
Wall light or ceiling light
362.95 €
Blown white glass ceiling lamp
704.90 €
Wall light or ceiling light dimmabel
421.90 €
Small round design wall and ceiling lamp
231.90 €
Wall light and ceiling light
270.00 €
242.90 €
Design wall light or ceiling light
413.90 €
Ceiling/ wall light
378.20 €
310.12 €
Square ceiling light
850.00 €
Design wall light or ceiling light
299.90 €
Design wall light
1,038.90 €
LED ceiling lamp
1,155.90 €
Wall or ceiling design lamps
225.00 €
201.90 €
Design lamp combinable
314.76 €
Wall and ceiling lamp with a small square design
217.16 €
Large round design wall and ceiling lamp
376.98 €
Medium LED ceiling light
267.18 €
Small round design wall and ceiling lamp
218.38 €
Wall or ceilin lamp
1,272.90 €
Circle ceiling lamp
254.98 €
203.90 €
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Bedroom ceiling light: the perfect lamp for every style

Each bedroom has its own ceiling light. There are many solutions for the lighting of a bedroom. However, the latest trends increasingly confirm the use of the ceiling lamp as a central light point in the room. Bedroom ceiling lamp: functional, practical and impactful depending on the chosen style.

No longer just the classic glass ceiling lamp, with a rounded shape. In recent years, shapes, materials and technologies have evolved so that from simple bedroom ceiling lights we start talking about real design elements.


Modern bedroom ceiling lamps

For a bedroom with a modern style and refined materials, you can only choose bedroom ceiling lamps made of light materials, such as aluminum, and finishes with a strong contrast such as black, gold or metallic.


Minimal bedroom ceiling lamps

If, on the other hand, you don't love particular shapes, then the ceiling lamps for minimal bedrooms will certainly be for you. In this case, the most used colors will be white, black and steel. Less demanding finishes that adapt to any type of furniture, leaving the scene to the latter, enhancing it.


Classic bedroom ceiling lamp

For lovers of tradition, here is the solution: classic bedroom ceiling lamp. Materials such as white satin glass and floral decorations will make you go back in time giving class to your rooms. Ideal for those who want to illuminate a rustic-style bedroom or a tavern.


Bedroom ceiling lamp: how to choose the correct one

Not all ceiling lights are suitable for the space or room you want to illuminate. As regards the lighting of the bedroom, there are many variables and accessories to take into consideration.


Bedroom led ceiling lamp

First of all, savings and sustainability are issues to always pay attention to. Even if lighting is used less in a bedroom than in other rooms, it must still ensure maximum luminous efficiency. Thanks to an LED ceiling lamp for the bedroom, you can thus obtain savings on consumption and the perfect brightness for your room.



Choosing the size and number of light sources for your bedroom ceiling lamp is essential. In a bedroom of a few square meters, a single ceiling lamp will suffice while if we are already talking about a generously sized double bedroom, a ceiling lamp with higher measures will be needed and perhaps with more than one light point that can be directed as needed. Another element to consider is the height of the ceiling. Low ceilings prefer modern ceiling lights for bedrooms with an almost non-existent thickness, while higher ceilings allow you to play with ceiling lamps with larger and more elaborate diffusers.



Bedroom ceiling lamp: the trendiest brands

Artemide bedroom ceiling lamp

There are certainly many brands to which we can refer for the lighting of a bedroom. One of these is Artemide, a made in Italy brand famous all over the world for its attention to detail and for its particular refined aesthetic sense.

Modern ceiling lamps ideal for lighting bedrooms with a refined style such as Mercury, Skydro and Cosmic with a modern design and metallic finish. Or Itka and Edge with geometric and essential shapes for more minimal styles.

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