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Modern lighting

Floor light with diffusor directable
240.04 €
Modern LED table lamp
139.51 €
Wall light with light directable
150.67 €
Design table lamp
391.28 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Portable lantern
263.16 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Modern table lamp
754.94 €
Design table lamp
218.80 €
Design bedside lamp
464.58 €
Table lamp with spherical diffuser
447.46 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Design table lamp
600.23 €
Ceiling light with two spotlight directable
80.83 €
Chandelier modern
596.58 €
469.90 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Table lamp with translucent diffusor
316.38 €
Led table lamp portable with USB
252.91 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Wall light and ceiling light
242.90 €
Wall light oriental style
264.90 €
Shipped within 24 hours
geometric table lamp
212.89 €
Office table lamp
309.90 €
Table lamp colourful
256.26 €
Blown glass design chandelier
1,610.90 €
Small design table lamp
263.16 €
Design table lamp
1,055.67 €
Design table lamp
835.82 €
Wall or ceiling design lamps
201.90 €
Portable lamp
260.90 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Portable lamp
210.90 €
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Dome shaped design chandelier
298.64 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Modern suspension
1,015.89 €
Desk light with dimmer
488.86 €
Chandelier with blow glass diffusion
854.90 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Outdoor wall, ceiling, floor lamps
1,887.90 €
Table lamp colourful
260.20 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Table lamp with translucent diffusor
225.09 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Chandelier with sphere diffusor
413.90 €
Transportable lamp
222.75 €
Sphere shaped table lamp
350.90 €
Shipped within 24 hours
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Modern lamps: classic lines and worked materials


Modern lamps: classic shape and processed material

The modern style differs from the classic style in the use of refined materials. That is obtained with techniques different from those of the past. The materials to be used in a modern style home are simple. They can be treated, polished and refined to obtain light, shiny and homogeneous surfaces. The lines of the furnishings take on irregular shapes and without decorations. Features that perfectly reflect even modern lamps.


The aim of the modern furnishing style is to lighten up the rooms and make them more practical, for cleaning and for everyday use. In modern furnishing style, technology for home comfort is widely used.

As for the colors, we move from neutral colors, like gray, sand, brown, white and black, to the extremity of stronger and more vivid colors, used in a single hue with different shades or put in contrast.

The furniture is free of carvings or inlays, but can be colored, silk-screened or airbrushed. The fabrics used are modern, mostly light, and let the light pass by giving a lot of color to the rooms. In addition to squared lines, softer, rounded, elliptical lines may be present.


For this reason modern lamps should be coherent with the furniture style, without many particulars or contrasts. For this things the line are simple without exceeding.

Modern suspension lamps and floor lamps made of aluminum with clean and squared lines that are well suited to the modern furnishing style can not be missing. Which adapt to the modern furnishing style. But not even wall lamps to furnish a relax, day or night area.


In our shop you can find a lots of modern lamps, also for the furnish of outdoor spaces of your garden. Like a pathway, facades, porch or terrace. This to give the opportunity to take advantage of all the spaces in your home. Made with quality materials and with a hight IP, thus guaranteeing resistance to dust and water splashes.

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