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Modern floor lamps for a timeless look

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Modern floor lamps: the ideal solution for all lighting needs


Modern floor lamps: the ideal solution for all lighting needs

If you are looking for a way to renew a room of your home the best way is to add a furnishing accessory like a floor lamp, for example.

Modern floor lamps are floor lamps that can add more value to your rooms, like for example the living room, dining room or bedroom. This light points spreads a direct lighting where needed, giving with their slender forms charm and elegance to the room.

Choose modern floor lamps Demetra and Tolomeo by Artemide if your living room is furnished in modern style with contemporary taste, in this way you will add a touch of newness to your room. Modern floor lamps are desing objects, capable to give a new look to the room and to furnish it. 

If you are among those who focus on minimalism, choose the modern floor lamps offered by Rotaliana as Prince and Drink, which infuse a soft light into the environment to give you a mysterious and intriguing atmosphere. In these cases, the "less is more" rule applies, so this type of floor lamps with a clean and linear design is absolutely recommended.

The colors of white or black prevail, but also soft colors such as champagne or satin bronze. If, on the other hand, your furniture reflects the industrial style, a modern floor lamp with dark shades such as black or gray accentuates the contemporary character, making your decor untrustingly trendy.


Modern floor lamps: shapes and materials and high aesthetic quality

Modern floor lamps are furnishing accessories that are integrated perfectly in a modern living room where the functionality marries aesthetics to create a winning combination. 

To choose the floor lamp suitable for your environment, consider the type of lighting required, depending on whether or not other luminaires such as chandeliers, wall lamps or table lamps are present.

If the floor lamp is the only source of illumination, it is advisable to choose a floor lamp with a rigid and stable structure, capable of diffusing a powerful and diffused light in the room.

On the contrary, if the light of the floor lamp is complementary to others, it is preferable to choose one with an adjustable structure and adjustable lampshade.


Modern floor lamps have a modern look and are in step with the times and are often made of resistant materials such as metal painted in various shades of color: white, black, gray.

In addition to this aspect, modern floor lamps are equipped with a diffuser that can be made of various materials such as polycarbonate, glass, crystal or fabric. Some modern floor lamps are equipped with a folding structure and a swiveling diffuser to direct the light according to your needs. This type of lamp turns out to be very functional to create a reading corner to read in relax your favorite magazine or book.

The modern floor lamps find the right place if you place them near a bookcase, a sofa or an armchair, their sophisticated lines also bring a truly grand scenographic effect. In addition, if you opt for modern floor lamps with LED light source you will have a high light output and a significant saving in terms of energy consumption. Those equipped with dimmers also also allow you to vary the intensity of the LED lighting at will.

The modern floor lamps are the right accessory for those who want to have a well-lit house, they are easy to place where a greater light is needed, to use them it is sufficient a wall socket. In addition, these lighting accessories do not just lighten up, they furnish and embellish the various rooms of a house with taste and class.


Many modern floor lamps of the best brands

Light Shopping is specialized in the sale of article for illumination for the home rooms and offers a wide variety of modern floor lamp models at discounted prices. All articles are selected to guarantee trendy products made of prestigious brands of high quality.

Thank to its modern design, the wide selection of modern floor lamps meets the functional and also aesthetics needs to archieve a perfect lighting. You will find living room floor lamps of the best brands like Artemide, Rotaliana, Vistosi, Lumen Center Italia ideal like light points for living room lighting, near the armchair or the sofa, but also to furnish with style your bedroom.

Add a touch of newness to your furniture with our floor lamps. Many modern floor lamps are waiting for your on our shop to enrich your home with the style that you like the most.

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