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Discover the new models of modern ceiling lamps

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Single light tubular ceiling light
156.90 €
196.42 €
Wall light
578.89 €
Ceiling light with glass diffusor
83.95 €
104.92 €
Modern wall or ceiling design lamps
695.40 €
Circular ceiling lamp with direct light emission
248.90 €
303.78 €
Design ceiling light
840.90 €
990.00 €
Ceiling light modern
169.90 €
226.66 €
Round ceiling light
310.90 €
414.54 €
Ceiling light modern
121.90 €
163.13 €
Round design wall and ceiling lamp
221.91 €
261.08 €
Small round ceiling light
465.91 €
549.00 €
ceiling lamp with woven diffuser
595.36 €
Modern wall light or ceiling light
398.94 €
Tube ceiling light
214.90 €
269.62 €
Modern square wall/ceiling lamp
347.70 €
Ceiling light for outdoor
59.95 €
75.64 €
Ceiling light round
158.91 €
193.98 €
Ceiling light modern
1,847.90 €
2,174.04 €
Ceiling light modern
449.57 €
Recessed ceiling light
47.95 €
51.40 €
Ceiling light round
198.90 €
242.78 €
Large round ceiling light
567.30 €
709.13 €
Rectangular wall and ceiling lamp for living room
408.70 €
Rectangular ceiling light
34.95 €
43.92 €
Ceiling lamp with lampshade in eco-leather
1,658.90 €
1,952.00 €
Minimal wall light
581.90 €
685.00 €
Ceiling light modern
215.90 €
254.98 €
Colored ceiling lamp
455.90 €
536.80 €
Modern ceiling/wall lamp
852.78 €
wall lamp with magnetic attachment
707.60 €
Square wall light or ceiling light
317.20 €
396.50 €
Ceiling lamp with lampshade in eco-leather
4,458.90 €
5,246.00 €
Resin outdoor ceiling lamp
79.30 €
99.13 €
Design wall and ceiling lamp with rectangular shape
280.60 €
350.75 €
Textile ceiling light
243.90 €
305.00 €
Large LED ceiling light
1,104.10 €
1,380.13 €
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Wide selection of modern ceiling lights from the best brands

Discover all the new models of modern ceiling lamps. Built with latest generation materials, they are characterized by an innovative design and suitable for environments that follow the trends in terms of lighting and furniture. We want to give importance to the style, for this we constantly update our catalog inserting always new and trendy articles. Buy the best modern ceiling fixtures directly online and at favorable prices. 


Modern ceiling lamps for the lighting of your home

Light Shopping offers a wide selection of modern ceiling lights from the best brands to choose the one that best suits your needs. There are many lighting brands in our catalog. Each of them proposes ceiling lamps with very different designs, to meet the tastes of each customer. You will then be able to illuminate every space easily. All you have to do is choose the model that you prefer.

All the lamps sold online on our website have very interesting discounts. You will be able to buy the product you like at an affordable price. Light Shopping also ensures fast shipping and pre and post sales assistance. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service.

Ceiling lamps: an elegant and sophisticated lighting solution to furnish your home

To brighten up your house, you can find on our website a wide assortment of ceiling lamps. This extensive choice manages to satisfy every taste and every necessity. Ceiling lights are very versatile products. They have different characteristics, in order to meet any lighting need. Geometric and square shapes suitable for public and commercial spaces or softer forms to illuminate residential environments.


Modern ceiling lights are luminous fixtures to be installed on your ceiling and represent a sober choice compared to a chandelier. However, there are modern high-quality design ceiling lights. They are finished to the smallest detail so as to give the environment its personality and character. LED ceiling lamps are a way to use light not only to illuminate the rooms, but also to embellish them. Being able to enrich them with lamps with an original design. This will ensure an evocative and unrepeatable atmosphere for every space in your home.

Modern ceiling lights for all needs

Ceiling lights are ceiling luminaires that, in many cases, represent the main light source in a room. For this reason, it is important that they are chosen carefully. Thanks to the original design of our modern ceiling lamps you can satisfy every need. You can furnish the ceilings of all the rooms of your home with light from modern ceiling lights and ensure an absolutely perfect lighting according to your style of furniture: models with an essential design for those who love not to overdo or more elaborate for those who instead he prefers the details.


By choosing ceiling lamps that fit your furniture perfectly, your home will look elegant and bright, without creating sharp contrasts. The times when the ceiling light was considered nothing but a luminous object fixed to the ceiling, banal and without personality, are far away. Today there are different models of ceiling lights and, for those who want to add a touch of style to their homes without being afraid of exaggerating, they are an excellent option to replace sconces or chandeliers.


By installing one of these overhead lights you will be sure that it will hardly go unnoticed. You can opt for those with circular, square or wavy motifs.


Modern ceiling lights will make your rooms current. Perfect always, whether it is to light up the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen or the living room. At this point it should be clear to you that furnishing your rooms in an original way has never been easier. Besides being cheap. In fact, modern ceiling lights are the right piece of furniture for a home. This is due to their adaptability to more contexts, and to their cheapness.


In addition, modern ceiling lights diffuse a homogeneous and evenly distributed light. They can accommodate LED bulbs ensuring low energy consumption.

Modern ceiling lamps: the perfect combination of utility and aesthetics

From the aesthetic point of view, modern ceiling lamps are very appreciated for their fine finishes, suitable for any type of flat and room. For example, the glass diffuser can be printed with various themes, and it can be curved or wavy. The shapes can be round, square, rectangular, wavy, spiral.


Modern ceiling lamps are really wonderful elements to bring out the beauty of any context. Never invasive, these ceiling lamps can be made of different materials, the choice of which depends on their preferences in terms of style: steel, glass, ceramics. In conclusion, the modern ceiling lights, if strategically positioned in the house, become decorative elements that add a touch of personality to the rooms of your home.

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