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Modern LED ceiling lamps for indoors and outdoors

Design wall and ceiling lamp for hall
372.10 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Outdoor floor lamp
204.00 €
Single lamp for composition
93.00 €
Ceiling light modern
256.80 €
191.91 €
Round ceiling light
529.28 €
396.90 €
Ceiling light modern
208.68 €
155.90 €
Sphere shaped ceiling light
100.00 €
Recessed ceiling light
55.29 €
51.95 €
Modern wall or ceiling design lamps
817.40 €
735.66 €
Wall and ceiling lamp for terraces and outdoors
63.00 €
Wall and ceiling lamp for terraces and outdoors
294.00 €
Steel inox outdoor wall light
342.00 €
Adjustable indoor projector
147.83 €
109.90 €
Ceiling light for outdoor
89.00 €
Ceiling light
358.12 €
267.90 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Ceiling light modern
130.00 €
Outdoor round ceiling light
119.00 €
Design lamp combinable
175.00 €
Round ceiling light
240.00 €
Ceiling and wall light modern
99.00 €
Wall light / ceiling light
170.00 €
Ceiling light with directable spotlight
120.00 €
Ceiling light with two spotlight directable
230.00 €
Round ceiling light
124.00 €
Square ceiling light
96.00 €
Ceiling light
265.00 €
Square ceiling light
350.00 €
Ceiling light modern
190.00 €
Ceiling light modern
415.00 €
Ceiling light with four spotlight directable
435.00 €
Ceiling and wall light modern
189.00 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Ceiling and wall light modern
129.00 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Round ceiling light
444.00 €
Square ceiling light
375.00 €
Ceiling light
320.00 €
Square ceiling light
237.00 €
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Modern LED ceiling lights to illuminate with style

The modern led ceiling lamps combine a style always in step with the times, with a technology created to limit consumption and to respect the environment. Take a look at our range of modern led ceiling lamps, you will find items suitable for both outdoor and indoor environments. Discover all the items in stock!


Contemporary lighting: modern LED ceiling lamps

Modern LED ceiling lamps are very practical lamps that are installed on the ceiling and have no exposed electrical wires, as is the case with chandeliers. LED ceiling lamps are equipped with modern technology that can effectively illuminate the room, ensuring excellent performance and visual comfort with reduced energy consumption. The modern LED ceiling lamps spread a pleasant interior lighting in a variety of environments: entrance, kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom. The installation of an LED ceiling lamp allows you to save energy while consuming your private or commercial activities. LEDs have a greater effect on brightness and consumption compared to traditional technologies with longer life and lower maintenance costs. Thanks to the use of new aesthetically pleasing materials, the design of LED ceiling lamps is very diverse and satisfies every taste.
LED ceiling lamps are often made of special materials such as metal, aluminum, polyethylene and blown glass. Lines of modern light LED ceiling lamps are indispensable, with a rigid style and the prevailing colors are white, black and gray. As far as shape is concerned, they are usually geometric: square, round, cylindrical, rectangular. The diffused light from the LED modern ceiling lamps, can be more or less intrusive, and when placed in the right corner, fills the spaces to ensure practicality and important aesthetic effects.


LED modern ceiling lamps: Functionality and Aesthetics

A LED modern ceiling lamp is a perfect example of a large kitchen will ensure the livability and usability, it could be the right choice in the bedroom, centrally positioned the light of the lamp, or in the living room, in the corridor, room facing or in bathroom be useful in terms of aesthetics and functionality. A perfect example of modern LED ceiling lamps is the Reflexio Lamp offered by the brand Ma&De, awarded with the IF Design Awards 2018. This ceiling lamp is equipped with an LED light source, and for the circular dome-shaped lampshade is diffused throughout the environment without direct dimming caused. In addition, the light is dimmable to adjust the light intensity to your liking. If you want to equip your house with the light of modern LED ceiling lamps, you should only check this section and choose the one that suits your needs best. The brands, which have been specially selected for you, offer products of excellent quality, which are produced with excellent processing materials in every detail. The light of modern ceiling lamps will not only make your home shine, but also decorate it. You can enrich your rooms with products with a specific and original design and change them from every perspective.
Choose a modern ceiling lamps means that each area of ​​the house is homogeneous and perfect, highlighting its aesthetic potential.

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