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LED ceiling lamps: design and technology

Ceiling light
570.00 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Round ceiling light
400.16 €
339.90 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Design wall and ceiling lamp for hall
372.10 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Modern wall light or ceiling light
207.40 €
170.00 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Ceiling and wall light modern
193.98 €
159.00 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Ceiling and wall light modern
120.78 €
99.00 €
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Spotlight directable
203.00 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Square ceiling light modern
250.00 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Modern wall light or ceiling light
358.68 €
294.00 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Outdoor floor lamp
204.00 €
Single lamp for composition
93.00 €
Small LED ceiling light
370.00 €
Ceiling light modern
256.80 €
191.91 €
Round ceiling light
529.28 €
396.90 €
Ceiling light modern
208.68 €
155.90 €
Large round ceiling light
444.54 €
355.63 €
Ceiling light
310.34 €
248.27 €
Ceiling/ wall light
461.32 €
369.06 €
Ceiling light
449.57 €
359.66 €
Round LED ceiling light
597.19 €
477.75 €
LED ceiling light large
830.37 €
664.30 €
Small round ceiling light
293.57 €
234.86 €
Medium LED ceiling light
495.00 €
Sphere shaped ceiling light
100.00 €
Recessed ceiling light
55.29 €
51.95 €
Medium round ceiling light
360.67 €
288.54 €
Square wall light or ceiling light
478.09 €
382.47 €
Design wall and ceiling lamp with rectangular shape
427.77 €
342.22 €
Transparent effect ceiling lamp
1,125.00 €
Flower-shaped ceiling lamp
749.85 €
599.88 €
Wall or ceiling light
598.00 €
Transparent effect ceiling lamp
840.00 €
Rectangular shapedr ceiling and wall light small
248.00 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Small LED ceiling light
405.00 €
Wall and ceiling lamp for terraces and outdoors
63.00 €
Rectangular shapedr ceiling and wall light small
285.00 €
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Large selection of LED ceiling lights with an innovative design

Light Shopping always wants to keep up with the times, offering a vast choice of LED ceiling lamps, both simple but also characterized by an innovative design that certainly does not go unnoticed. A very important feature of the led ceiling lights is certainly the innovative component that not only allows the light to spread optimally, but also allows the creation of luminous games through the double emission of light. Take a look at the hundreds of lamps available on our website!


Not only antique ceiling lamps

In our imagination, a classic ceiling lamp, circular or squared, is mainly used to light corridors, bathrooms and other spaces of small importance. The evolution of technology allowed to change this idea, leading to research and design of latest generation LED ceiling lamps, that are able to uniformly diffuse the light with more energy efficiency.


LED ceiling lamps of high aesthetics

The simplicity of the lines that was once expressed only through round and square shapes, today is still very current, but in some models of LED ceiling lights. You can see a real transformation. These ceiling lamps are original artistic creations that take shape from the minds of innovative designers. They are always in step with the latest trends in the world of design and architecture.


The beauty of simplicity of LED ceiling lamps

An LED ceiling light remains in many cases a discreet element, often in a minimal style and characterized by the purity of white. Very often, ceiling LED ceiling lights are chosen to illuminate rooms where you want the light to be spread evenly and completely throughout the room.


For this reason it is good to choose the most suitable one also considering the size of the LED ceiling light and the space to be illuminated.


The materials with which the LED ceiling lights are made today are many. You can find ceiling lights in transparent or satin glass, various polymers of the latest generation, metals and why not, also in wood.


Economic LED ceiling lamps and more

Also with regard to the LED ceiling lights we have different price ranges. It can be found at a low price and others at a higher cost, depending on the materials used, the brand and the design.


It is therefore advisable to choose the right ceiling light according to your needs by evaluating the style you want to create and the type of environment to be illuminated.

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