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Led applique

Outdoor wall light
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Design wall light
330.00 €
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Outdoor wall light
603.90 €
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Design wall and ceiling lamp for hall
372.10 €
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Circle wall light
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Modern wall light or ceiling light
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Ceiling and wall light modern
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Wall light
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Ceiling and wall light modern
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Outdoor wall light with double emission
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Wall light double emission
183.00 €
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Wall light with metal diffusor directable
480.00 €
Wall light with metal diffusor directable
150.98 €
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Aluminium outdoor wall light
124.94 €
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Outdoor wall light with double emission
189.22 €
141.90 €
Big outdoor wall light
258.20 €
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Small wall light
131.65 €
97.95 €
Outdoor wall light
317.11 €
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Wall lamp for external facades
220.97 €
164.90 €
Wall light with two light and directable diffusor
890.00 €
Metal wall light
553.58 €
442.86 €
Ceiling/ wall light
461.32 €
369.06 €
Small wall light
201.30 €
161.04 €
Aluminium wall light
234.85 €
187.88 €
Wall light with arm directable
192.92 €
154.34 €
Circle spotlight directable
132.53 €
106.02 €
Square spotlight directable
132.53 €
106.02 €
LED wall lamp with plexiglass diffuser
150.00 €
Plaster wall light
56.63 €
52.95 €
LED wall lamp
167.75 €
134.20 €
LED wall lamp
246.60 €
197.28 €
Wall lamp with reading light
310.00 €
Wall light with USB charger
144.47 €
107.90 €
Rectangular outdoor wall lamp
226.53 €
168.90 €
Wall or ceiling light
598.00 €
Minimal wall light
201.70 €
150.90 €
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Achieve quality lighting thanks to LED wall lights

To light up your home with style, opt for LED wall lamps. The LED wall lamps are practical and functional. They are available in different shapes and colors from the minimalist and essential ones to the more particular and worked ones, they give character to your home thanks to their exclusive design.

If you need more information, please contact our customer service.

Wall lamps can be used for different environments and rooms. We can choose between bedroom LED wall lamps, bathroom LED wall lamps or outdoor LED wall lamps.


LED applique: a new proposal to illuminate environments

In the lighting design of your home it is possible, among the many options, to choose a LED wall lamp in order to give more light to the rooms.

A wall lamp can be combined with a coordinated chandelier. Or it can be considered an element in itself, in fact there are LED wall lights which, due to their light power, have been created to illuminate an entire room.

An LED wall lamp can be positioned to make corridors and stairs brighter, but thanks to the amount of light emitted it has nothing to envy to chandeliers. As if positioned in strategic points it is possible to illuminate even larger spaces.


This type of lighting allows you to also choose a dimmable LED wall lamp, so you can choose the intensity of the light beam within a room. A dimmable LED wall lamp is ideal for rooms such as a living area, to be used especially during an evening reading or instead of a bedside lamp. In this case, the LED indoor wall lamp will be a refined and unusual design element.


LED applique also with bi-emission

The peculiarity of LED wall lamps is that they are often designed with a bi-emission system. This allows the light to be diffused both upwards and downwards. Some models are equipped with a device that allows the regulation of the luminous flux, while others are already predisposed for a diffusion of the light differentiated in the directions. In choosing an LED wall lamp, according to your needs, it is also possible to evaluate the color temperature and the light emission radius.

The LED wall lamps are designed for light optimization, this allows to avoid waste in terms of diffusion, thus allowing energy and economical savings.


Discover the thousand variations of LED wall lamps

The materials used are many, ranging from satin or transparent glass, to metals such as die-cast aluminum and steel and to polycarbonate or PMMA. Among the many LED wall lamps available on our site, there are many variations for outdoor environments, in fact they all have a degree of protection (IP) suitable for withstanding dust and water.

Obviously, the aesthetic side is not neglected in the design of LED wall lamps. Many lamps have been created by designers in the lighting sector, so we can find modern, minimal, classic and why not, even vintage wall lamps.


Indoor LED applique and outdoor LED applique

The design of the wall lamps gives the possibility of being designed for outdoor environments as well. An outdoor LED applique can perform many functions: it is used for an outdoor veranda, to illuminate a garage, or simply as an outdoor LED wall lamp that illuminates the sidewalk around the perimeter of the house or structure.

At the same time, the indoor LED applique can be used both as a light point in a room already illuminated in a general way or as a lighting composition for a corridor.

Discover the wide catalogue of Light Shopping LED wall lamps, in every style, shape and color. Choose the one that's right for you, and if you need advice, don't hesitate to contact our customer service!

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