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Applique minimal

Outdoor wall light
45.75 €
36.60 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Wall light
195.00 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Outdoor wall light with double emission
120.65 €
77.95 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Wall light
39.65 €
31.72 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Outdoor wall light
34.00 €
Wall light with two light and directable diffusor
150.98 €
120.78 €
Applique with adjustable spotlight
75.49 €
60.39 €
Aluminium outdoor wall light
124.94 €
92.95 €
Metal wall light
553.58 €
442.86 €
Small wall light
201.30 €
161.04 €
Aluminium wall light
234.85 €
187.88 €
Wall light with arm directable
192.92 €
154.34 €
LED wall lamp
167.75 €
134.20 €
Minimal wall light
201.70 €
150.90 €
Rectangular shapedr ceiling and wall light small
248.00 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Medium linear lamp
180.00 €
Rectangular shapedr ceiling and wall light small
285.00 €
Wall light with reading's light
278.47 €
207.90 €
Master module
240.00 €
Adjustable indoor projector
147.83 €
109.90 €
Wall light with lampshaped
795.00 €
Rectangular shaped ceiling and wall light medium
475.00 €
Elegant wall light with three light
144.94 €
115.95 €
Slave Module
110.00 €
Wall light dimmabel
310.00 €
Wall lamp with wireless charging for phone
201.10 €
149.90 €
Outdoor spotlight
48.65 €
38.92 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Colourful wall light
355.00 €
Wall light
160.00 €
Square wall light
160.00 €
Wall light minimal style
276.79 €
221.43 €
Wall light essential line
360.67 €
288.54 €
Linear applique
461.32 €
369.06 €
Wall light with metal diffusor directable
754.88 €
603.90 €
Wall light with reading's light
278.47 €
207.90 €
One-way wall light
314.43 €
234.90 €
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Choose the minimal wall lights for an essential design

Minimalism is a very young style of furniture, born in the 60s from a philosophical-artistic current with the aim of imprinting a strong character within an environment. Minimalism is based on the elimination of excesses and decorations, focusing on the essentiality of the furnishings. The minimal wall lights that we offer in our large catalog are based on this concept of interior synthesis. In a minimal environment it is essential that every corner is well lit, always present and valued.

For this reason the minimal wall lamps diffuse the light in a homogeneous and direct way, they are able to make the light the real protagonist of the room. The preferred type of lighting for this style is a minimal LED wall light, which in addition to ensuring effective lighting also ensures significant energy savings. The minimal wall lights can be used both individually and in composition within the room.


Shapes and colors for a minimal applique

The minimal style prefers the use of essential geometric shapes such as circles, squares or rectangles, capable of being able to illuminate by giving a unique play of light. Within the Light Shopping selection you will find the most varied forms of minimal wall lamps that can be placed in any room of the house: a corridor, a bedroom or a living area. The minimal style refers to the modern / contemporary current where the prevailing colors are white or black. A white wall light could be for you if the environment to be illuminated has dark tones. Among the minimal wall lights we have available, we mention the white Tubes wall light by Nemo Lighting, Calumet by Artemide and Neochic by Vistosi. Other favorite shades of this style are neutral and sandy tones such as flesh, taupe or light brown.


How and where to use minimal wall lights

In which rooms do minimal wall lights best match? They can be used for different lighting purposes: the minimal wall light is applied to illuminate specific areas.


Minimal wall light for the bathroom

To illuminate the bathroom area well, there is a need for diffused and general light, but also some light points that accentuate its visibility. For example, to see better in the mirror we usually add small points of light around. In this case, we recommend a minimal wall lamp that decorates and illuminates your modern bathroom.


Minimal wall light for the corridor

The corridor, on the other hand, is an area of ​​the house that is very often darker than all the other rooms in the house. By illuminating the corridor with a series of minimal wall lamps, you will create a soft, welcoming and pleasant atmosphere. Using a minimal design applique you can decorate a part of the home that is often only functional.


Minimal design wall light for your bedroom

Very modern and design is to use minimal appliques instead of the classic bedside lampshades. A small bright spot next to your bed, useful for an evening reading or for soft lighting before going to bed.


Minimal applique by Light Shopping

Among the various articles of Light Shopping you will surely find the one that's right for you! Small, large, decorated or a simple light point: the minimal applique of your dreams could arrive directly at your home. Handcrafted, with refined finishes and materials designed to last over the long term without ever getting damaged, the minimal wall lights will become a real piece of furniture. For advice or more details do not hesitate to call our customer service.

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