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Minimal ceiling lamps

Spotlight directable
203.00 €
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Square ceiling light modern
250.00 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Outdoor wall light
34.00 €
Ceiling light adjustable with three lights
192.92 €
154.34 €
Ceiling lamp four light
276.79 €
221.43 €
Ceiling light modern
256.80 €
191.91 €
Ceiling light modern
208.68 €
155.90 €
Ceiling light
449.57 €
359.66 €
Round LED ceiling light
597.19 €
477.75 €
LED ceiling light large
830.37 €
664.30 €
single light tubular ceiling light
85.56 €
68.45 €
Tube ceiling light
104.01 €
83.21 €
Single light tubular ceiling light
130.85 €
104.68 €
Tube ceiling light
88.00 €
Recessed ceiling light
55.29 €
51.95 €
Single light tubular ceiling light
110.00 €
Square wall light or ceiling light
478.09 €
382.47 €
Design wall and ceiling lamp with rectangular shape
427.77 €
342.22 €
Transparent effect ceiling lamp
1,125.00 €
Indoor aluminum ceiling light
88.00 €
Transparent effect ceiling lamp
840.00 €
Tube ceiling light
74.00 €
Ceiling light with tubular diffuser
74.00 €
Rectangular shapedr ceiling and wall light small
248.00 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Small LED ceiling light
405.00 €
Rectangular shapedr ceiling and wall light small
285.00 €
Minimal spotlight
107.31 €
84.95 €
Medium LED ceiling light
650.00 €
Transparent effect ceiling lamp
810.00 €
Adjustable indoor projector
147.83 €
109.90 €
Rectangular shaped ceiling and wall light medium
475.00 €
Large round ceiling light
367.42 €
293.90 €
Small round ceiling light
142.57 €
113.90 €
Anti-glare LED ceiling light
427.77 €
342.22 €
Medium round ceiling light
200.89 €
159.91 €
Colored ceiling lamp
1,160.00 €
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Minimal ceiling lamp: light and essentiality

One of the most popular and widely used styles is the minimal one. Style born in the sixties but still very popular.

The minimal style focuses on enhancing the elements and furnishings for this reason the lighting sources must be simple, essential and with non-binding finishes.

In this case, greater importance is given to functionality, simplicity, compared to eclectic and very colorful or particular elements.

The minimal style creates a relaxing and peaceful environment, which is why even the light source will have to contribute to the creation of this mood.


So here are the main elements of the minimal style:

· Importance to functionality and practicality;

· Soft colors are preferred, with a predominance of white;

· Use of modern and innovative materials;

· Absence of decorations and frills.


As these characteristics are attributed to the furniture, the same principles must also be respected for minimal lighting, which is why in many environments the minimal ceiling lamp is preferred over generously shaped chandeliers.


Minimal ceiling lamp: the elegance of white and the essentiality of the shape

Given the huge demand for this type of lighting, on Light Shopping you will find a wide range of minimal lamps to choose from.


Minimal ceiling lamp, here's where to install them.


A space where size and space matter. Everything must be well organized and the lighting functional. For this reason, installing a minimal ceiling lamp will allow you to get the light you need without invading too much space.


The darkest space in the house, usually this space does not have windows or points where natural light can illuminate it, so it needs the right light source. Minimal led ceiling lamp, here is the solution. High energy efficiency, simple and essential design, functionality and practicality.


This room also needs proper lighting, but you also need to do some extra care. For general bathroom lighting, always choose a minimal LED ceiling lamp, with high IPs in order to protect the light source from steam and dust. A tip: always combine the minimal ceiling lamp with appliques on the sides or above the mirror for greater illumination during daily activities such as shaving the beard or putting on make-up.


If you have chosen a modern furniture rich in styles and colors, light up your room with a minimal ceiling lamp. Leave the scene to the furniture, accompanying and enhancing it with the right lighting. A thin LED circle with metallic structures or minimal LED ceiling lamps with geometric shapes with opaque diffuser and almost imperceptible structure.


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