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Wall light / ceiling light
256.20 €
Contemporary style wall light
179.34 €
Wall light with bicolor lampshade
274.50 €
Modern design wall light
529.48 €
Transparent effect ceiling lamp
1,075.91 €
1,195.60 €
Ceiling light modern
169.90 €
226.66 €
Round ceiling light
310.90 €
414.54 €
Brass ceiling light
276.90 €
346.48 €
Ceiling light modern
121.90 €
163.13 €
Adjustable ceiling light
271.90 €
286.70 €
Ceiling light
47.95 €
64.66 €
Round design wall and ceiling lamp
221.91 €
261.08 €
Small round ceiling light
445.90 €
524.60 €
Recessed ceiling light
47.95 €
51.40 €
Transparent effect ceiling lamp
833.89 €
927.20 €
Minimal wall light
581.90 €
685.00 €
Ceiling light
284.89 €
317.20 €
Coral shaped wall light / ceiling light
159.91 €
195.20 €
Copper applique/ceiling light
335.90 €
420.90 €
Ceiling lamp with a geometric design
778.90 €
917.44 €
Ceiling light modern
215.90 €
254.98 €
Chandelier 16 lights
671.00 €
838.75 €
Modern chandelier
167.90 €
210.00 €
Square wall light or ceiling light
305.00 €
381.25 €
Ceiling light
455.90 €
536.80 €
Design wall and ceiling lamp with rectangular shape
268.40 €
335.50 €
Brass ceiling light
379.90 €
475.80 €
Minimal spotlight
102.89 €
128.80 €
Ceiling light
579.90 €
683.20 €
Indoor aluminum ceiling light
355.90 €
445.30 €
Design chandelier with two light
109.90 €
138.60 €
Indoor aluminum ceiling light
388.90 €
486.78 €
Ceiling light three lights
798.90 €
841.80 €
Crystal ceiling and wall light
549.00 €
686.25 €
Brass ceiling light
402.60 €
503.25 €
Ceiling light
305.90 €
383.08 €
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Light the house with ceiling lights

For many years the ceiling lamps have been distinguished by their simplicity and their essential lines. Always considered discrete furnishing accessories, they differ from chandeliers because they are applied directly to the ceiling. The queens of bathrooms and corridors have been round or square, but today the ceiling lamps, also called ceiling lamps, have undergone an evolution in their appearance and in terms of technology.

Looking up and looking at the ceiling, we often find ourselves before the eyes of the ceiling lamps that do not reflect our imagination, but that represent a mix of design and elegance. It is enough to think of the famous creations of Artemide or those embellished with crystals of Ideal Lux.

A ceiling lamp allows a homogeneous diffusion of the light and allows to obtain an optimal lighting even in large spaces.
In our catalog you can find, in addition to the classic ceiling lights at a low price, also many original creations designed by famous designers for the best brands of lighting.



Wide choice of ceiling lamps for home lighting

Ceiling lamps are lighting systems fixed or recessed directly to the ceiling. They do not create the bulk of a classic chandelier. They are therefore an optimal solution for rooms with low ceilings.

Consider for example the mansards or the mezzanines where every centimeter becomes precious. Not to mention that modern ceiling lights are made in a great variety of models. Available in various shapes to adapt to any room in the home and furnishing style.

For example, if you like classic style, on Light Shopping you will find several models of classic ceiling lights from the Ideal Lux brand. These are characterized by rich crystal decorations. If instead you like the minimal and modern style you could opt for the LED ceiling lamps of the Linea Light and Faro Barcelona brands. If you love to amaze, you could choose the design ceiling lamps of the Artemide, Vistosi and Ma&De brands.

These lighting companies offer high-impact design lamps. They give a touch of creative inspiration to your rooms, enhancing them.

Therefore ceiling lamps for sale online on Light Shopping are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and prices.

You will find lamps from the simplest forms to the most original ones, from the largest to the smallest, from monochromatic to colored, from the cheapest to the most expensive. Neither the design, nor the color, nor the price will limit your choices.


Modern ceiling lamps and performance materials for every room

A ceiling lamp is a light point with a very simple structure. It usually consists of a base that goes to adhere to the ceiling and a diffuser that diffuses the brightness in the environment. Modern LED ceiling lights are also very practical. They are easier to clean than the classic chandelier because they collect less dust.

Depending on the shape, materials and technical characteristics, modern ceiling lights can adapt to the various rooms of the house. Perfect whether it's the kitchen, the bedroom or the bathroom. Concerning for example the bathroom or the bedrooms, the ceiling lamps must meet certain safety requirements. They must comply with precise standards.

The materials most used for this kind of lamps are usually blown or satin glass and crystal. They often characterize the diffuser and are perfect for environments with a modern or contemporary style. The models in chromed or satin aluminum are ideal for environments furnished according to minimal taste.

Finally the copper or burnished metal ceiling lights are designed for industrial or country style environments. For better general lighting of the house it is advisable to use different light sources in combination with each other. Ceiling lamps can be combined with other lamps to create the desired atmosphere. Perfectly matched with wall lamps, floor lamps and table lamps.


Designer ceiling lamps, furnishing accessories for a sophisticated home

An elegant sinuous ceiling lamp will be suitable as a modern ceiling lamp for the living room.

Ceiling lamps with fanciful and captivating shapes can certainly be used for the living room. Also perfect for the bedroom. Let's talk about design ceiling lights, luminous furnishing accessories ideal for lighting up a glamorous, sophisticated and modern home. The innovative materials and the unique design make these ceiling lamps the absolute protagonists of home environments.

Many international designers and lighting brands design designer ceiling lights that give your spaces character. They are essential complements to enhance every little corner of your daily life.

Design ceiling lamps are the perfect choice for those who like to allow themselves the luxury of uniquely distinguishing their home. They are able to capture the looks of your guests. They therefore offer both excellent functionality and avant-garde aesthetics.

Make your home even more beautiful. Whatever the style of your spaces on Light Shopping you will easily find the perfect ceiling light.

Look for the right ceiling light among the many available in our catalog, add it to your cart and proceed with the purchase. Pay with the payment method you prefer. You will receive it comfortably at home. Start shopping now!

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