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The most beautiful design lamps for your home lighting

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Lots of design lamps for all needs

The design lamps are exclusive and quality products for those who want solutions to illuminate the rooms of their home that know how to blend functionality and aesthetics. All our design lamps are made by the best lighting brands, following the procedures of the most modern technologies in the lighting sector.


To give an example, the Artemide brand is considered the symbol of contemporary design because its creations are not simple objects made just to illuminate the space, but are true works of design. We offer our customers a wide selection of models of design lamps to satisfy all your lighting and furniture needs according to your personal taste.





Decorative lighting: design lamps

Choosing the right lighting is not an issue to underestimate.

In particular, decorative lighting allows you to opt for the choice of aesthetically beautiful design lamps. Combining them with the surrounding context.

Equally fundamental and decisive is the location of these light points. A good design lighting arrangement can emphasize areas and corners of your home that previously remained in shadow. Create an atmospheric environment allowing you to play with light.

You will find plenty of alternatives at your disposal, depending on the rooms to be decorated: kitchen, living room, bedroom, dining room, bathroom, shops, offices, etc.


We have numerous models of design lamps with shapes and styles ranging from the most classic to the most modern. Materials from the most common such as blown glass to the most innovative ones such as polyurethane. Many of these lamps are icons of modern design, which have been able to persist over time, going beyond fashions and trends.

This is the case of the Tolomeo lamp. One of the most famous products of Artemide, designed by designers Michele de Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina and sold all over the world. Immediately becoming a classic, Tolomeo has been reinterpreted in numerous variations and dimensions: chandelier, floor lamp, table lamp, wall lamp.

We also remember the Nesso lamp, designed in 1967 by Giancarlo Mattioli and become famous for its mushroom shape. Best seller in the 1960s, this table lamp is still in use today.


Indoor lighting: how to furnish with LED design lamps

Design lamps have shaped the history of contemporary lighting, but above all they have shaped our lives. Yes, because they are basic elements in the living environment that are able to completely change the perception of environments thanks to their original forms.

Born from the creative genius of the most important lighting designers: Vico Magistretti, Gio Ponti, Giancarlo Mattioli, Giancarlo Fassina, Michele De Lucchi, just to mention few of them. In most cases, these designers have focused their efforts on the design of original lamps, paying more and more attention to the visual aesthetics of the object.

The introduction of new lighting technologies such as LED has ushered in a new era in which light not only designs shapes but also satisfies human well-being. In fact, LED lamps can be programmed to perform better than traditional light sources in terms of light diffusion, color rendering, and color temperature.

In addition, they have a higher performance in terms of durability, much longer than conventional lamps and light efficiency with lower consumption.


Design lamps for every room

Every room in your home must be welcoming. The choice of lamps plays a fundamental role both for visual comfort, creating particular atmospheres. It is important to select the right lamp, paying attention to the type of space you want to furnish and the atmosphere you want to create.

Depending on the destination, you can opt for chandeliers, wall lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lights or a combination of them. There are so many solutions to light up every room in your home.

Also from the design point of view, the choice of articles is very wide. To choose the right lamps you will also need to take into account your personal taste and the type of furniture. Try to create a balance between aesthetics and functionality. Each design lamp is an element with a unique stylistic character, fundamental to bring the desired atmosphere.

Design chandeliers are the ideal choice for obtaining diffused and direct lighting. The proposals contained in our catalog offer various models with different finishes for each style preference.

Starting from the chandeliers by Artemide, Ma&De, Vistosi, desing. Depending on the atmosphere you want to achieve, these pendant lamps can become a real furnishing complement. With a refined design, rather than an element of style that fits naturally into the surrounding context.


The design ceiling lamps are the right solution for anyone looking for a uniform lighting that balances the environment with little space. Also in this case, the options of choice are varied and dependent on the type of furniture and your preferences. The design wall lamps provide a pleasant backlight and are characterized by a strong stylistic connotation.


The design table lamps are indispensable accessories for spaces used for relaxing or working, such as the living room or study, lighting where it is needed and sleek design that capture the view.


Design floor lamps have a remarkable aesthetic and design function, fit perfectly into the environment and guarantee excellent modular lighting.


The design outdoor lamps are suitable for outdoor spaces, are lighting elements that combine style with functionality, allowing you to enjoy the outdoor spaces during the summer evenings and to make it nice and secure home.


Recessed spotlights, LED path marker spotlights, LED wall lamps, ceiling lamps, garden bollards are perfect for decorating paths, gardens, terraces, swimming pools and making your wonderful green spaces. On Light Shopping, we offer our customers a wide selection of design lamps at the best prices and top quality. You should only find the lamp that you like best. If you need more information, you can contact our customer service.

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