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Table lamps of design of the best brands

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Wide selection of designer table lamps

Discover all the design table lamps designed by the best Italian and international designers. A design table lamp is studied in detail. It is built with innovative materials, designed to be an effective and functional piece of furniture. The most famous brands offer a wide selection of both elegant and technical lamps. Suitable for all home environments and various lighting needs. Discover on our website all the variants available at attractive prices.


Table lamps: the evolution of design

Design table lamps are objects that are highly appreciated for their high decorative as well as functional potential. This decorative value is the brainchild of a designer. These professionals have been able to creatively interpret an object that has an ancient history, dating back to the Roman and Greek periods. In the past this type of lamp was used for the sole purpose of lighting.


The first table lamps were called “lucerne”. They consisted of terracotta containers with a lateral spout where the wick that burned the fuel was inserted. The lamp produced a much more intense light than candles.


Modern table lamps, on the other hand, are composed of a diffuser, a structure, a base, whose characteristics may vary depending on the model. They guarantee localized and concentrated illumination. A radical innovation in the field comes with the design table lamps. These are distinguished from other table lamps by their ability to furnish and enrich environments.


Design table lamps usually have a "stylish" appearance. Their structure allows them considerable elongation thanks to the presence of a flexible arm or stem. They also often allow the speaker to be oriented. There is no shortage of unusual shapes such as the Luce Liquida lamps proposed by design in the shape of a bottle. Design table lamps are made with innovative and original materials that give life to unique products.


Design table lamps for desk lighting and lot more

Design table lamps are mainly used on desks in workplaces or at home as furnishing accessories. These table lamps with their unique workmanship, thanks to the artistic elaboration conceived by a design professional, are at home as well as on desks even on furniture and consoles in the living room or bedroom, for example.


If you are looking for a design table lamp for your desk, it is preferable to choose the versions with arm, adjustable lampshade and white light so as not to strain your eyes and favor concentration. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a design table lamp for lighting your home environments to refresh the decor, choose a decorative with unusual and less traditional lines.


Light Shopping offers you a wide range of table lamp models designed by the most famous designers in the world. These are produced by the best lighting companies to choose the ideal lamp. Artemide, for example, is one of the Italian companies whose lamps bear the signature of prestigious Italian and international designers. It includes some of the most famous objects of contemporary design in the field of lighting. Consult our online catalog and buy the design table lamp you want in just a few clicks.

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