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Ceiling lamps for kitchen

Wall or ceiling design lamps
215.00 €
192.89 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Ceiling light modern
455.00 €
408.90 €
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Wall light or ceiling light
353.80 €
282.91 €
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Ceiling light
570.00 €
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Round ceiling light
400.16 €
339.90 €
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Modern wall light or ceiling light
207.40 €
170.00 €
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Ceiling and wall light modern
193.98 €
159.00 €
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Square ceiling light modern
250.00 €
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Modern wall light or ceiling light
358.68 €
294.00 €
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Ceiling light
173.85 €
139.08 €
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Small LED ceiling light
370.00 €
Ceiling light modern
256.80 €
191.91 €
Ceiling light
449.57 €
359.66 €
Round LED ceiling light
597.19 €
477.75 €
LED ceiling light large
830.37 €
664.30 €
single light tubular ceiling light
85.56 €
68.45 €
Tube ceiling light
104.01 €
83.21 €
Single light tubular ceiling light
130.85 €
104.68 €
Medium LED ceiling light
495.00 €
Single light tubular ceiling light
110.00 €
Transparent effect ceiling lamp
1,125.00 €
Transparent effect ceiling lamp
840.00 €
Design ceiling light
440.00 €
Small LED ceiling light
405.00 €
Rectangular shapedr ceiling and wall light small
285.00 €
Minimal spotlight
107.31 €
84.95 €
Medium LED ceiling light
650.00 €
Transparent effect ceiling lamp
810.00 €
Rectangular shaped ceiling and wall light medium
475.00 €
Ceiling light
510.00 €
Ceiling or wall lamp
134.20 €
107.36 €
Ceiling/ wall light
134.20 €
107.36 €
Colored ceiling lamp
1,160.00 €
Ceiling light
715.00 €
Ceiling light
725.00 €
Ceiling light
255.00 €
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Kitchen ceiling lamps as a solution for general lighting

In the kitchen, as is well known, it is essential to have general light that illuminates the room evenly. What better way than with a kitchen ceiling lamp? Our first advice is to choose dimmer-adjustable lighting, so you can quickly switch from warm white light to daylight white.


LED ceiling lamps for the kitchen

The evolution of kitchen ceiling lamps was the LED light integration. The kitchen LED ceiling lamp is optimal because it has numerous functions: you can choose a dimmer, a change of colors or the white tone of the light. What are the positive aspects of having a kitchen LED ceiling lamp? First of all, the savings: 90% more than incandescent bulbs. After that an immediate and optimal light right away: just press the switch and the kitchen LED ceiling light will be 100% in operation. And listen up: up to 50,000 duration hours! Thanks to the LED birth, there has been a change in the shapes of kitchen ceiling lights: in fact, the type of lighting allows the design of more compact and small structures, recreating designs of all types and needs. You can choose to have LED ceiling lamps for the kitchen with a fixed bulb or with a replaceable light.



The kitchen ceiling lamps styles


Modern kitchen ceiling lamp

Modern kitchen ceiling lamps are suitable for lighting young, dynamic and avant-garde environments in a general way. Combined with furnishings of the same style, they can customize your kitchen in an original way, while still respecting your needs. A modern kitchen ceiling lamp is made so also thanks to the choice of its materials: steel or aluminum, which try to respect a modern and essential design. In this case, a modern kitchen ceiling lamp is not only functional to lighting but also and above all important from an aesthetic point of view. In fact, they can take on particular or unusual shapes to decorate the environment in a unique way. A modern kitchen ceiling lamp therefore also becomes a design piece.


Rustic kitchen ceiling lamp

Perfect for a simple-inspired decor, with some wooden accessories we recommend the rustic kitchen ceiling light. Immerse yourself in a kitchen of a Florentine farmhouse, thanks to the rustic kitchen ceiling lamps. They stand out because the diffusion of light takes on a warm tone. The structure is completed by materials of raw origin, such as wood, iron and a glass lampshade. Through the rustic kitchen ceiling lamps, the sense of a simple lifestyle is transmitted in harmony with the surrounding nature. This style recalls the past, turning it to a new perspective of the future.


Classic kitchen ceiling lamp

For those who love timeless and ageless style, we offer a wide range of classic kitchen ceiling lamps. A style that never goes out of fashion, versatile for any decor. The classic kitchen ceiling lamp is now revisited in a contemporary way, to illuminate kitchens in a homogeneous way while keeping the vision up-to-date. Forget boring and characterless kitchen ceiling lamps! The classic kitchen ceiling lamps by Light Shopping present taste and refinement thanks also to the different proposals of finishes and materials. Tradition is always appreciated for any type of environment. Lighten up your kitchen with a round, square kitchen ceiling lamp or with a chic decorative touch!


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