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The best lamps for kitchen lighting

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How to choose lamps for the kitchen

The kitchen is the room of the house that requires special attention in the lighting planning and the arrangement of light points, as each area requires a different brightness to effectively carry out daily activities.

We must therefore evaluate the area to be illuminated and choose an appropriate type of lamp, the right location and the intensity of light needed.

In this section, Light Shopping offers a wide range of lamps for the kitchen lighting: chandeliers, applique, ceiling lamps, recessed spotlights.

If you need help or more information about choosing the kitchen lamp that best suits your needs, you can contact our customer service.




How to enlight the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most experienced domestic spaces, which is why adequate lighting is important. The lighting of the kitchen must respond to specific needs directly connected to the areas and work surfaces to ensure full operational use, trying to reconcile functional needs with aesthetic ones. In addition, it is advisable to place the sources of artificial light not excessively, but in harmony with the natural light that is available in the room. A good solution is to use multiple light sources alternating the visible ones like the chandeliers, with the invisible but functional ones, like the recessed spotlights.

Particular attention must be paid to the cooking area, in fact it is advisable to correctly illuminate the worktop and the cookers to carry out all the daily tasks connected to the preparation of meals.

For this reason, from the point of view of functionality, the only chandelier placed in the middle of the room is not recommended, but a series of spotlights should be preferred, in order to create different light points and offer maximum brightness on the work surface.

Kitchen chandeliers

The kitchen chandeliers are the most classic solution to illuminate this part of the house, but always up-to-date and modern, since they are able to generate a good diffused light for general lighting and furnishing at the same time.

Naturally, chandeliers adds value in decorative and purely aesthetic terms. In fact, the style and design of the chandeliers can enhance this environment with style and elegance.

Another solution to enlight the kitchen in a functional and decorative way is to use the ceiling lamps, thus avoiding the encumbrance of the chandelier.

Recessed spotlights are also a highly effective solution for lighting the kitchen. First of all because it allows to increase the points of light and therefore to obtain a uniform and capillary diffusion of light throughout the space. Secondly, the ceiling spotlights also make it possible to generate light beams to orientate on specific surfaces, allowing to combine in a single solution the advantage of diffused and specific lighting together.



Illuminate the kitchen island and the work surface

For those who have a kitchen with an island, it is essential to illuminate well all this area, especially if it is used as a work surface.

In this case the best choice is a suspension lamp positioned directly above the island floor. When it comes to lighting the cooking area you can use various alternatives.

Currently the most used solution today is represented by LED spotlights, thanks to which it is possible to reduce consumption and obtain maximum practicality, because it can be directed to concentrate the light on the stove area or where more light is needed.

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